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Is a jellyfish an ironic choice for the logo for this site?

Asked by raum (9746points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I love Dr. J as our mascot.
Fluther is such a fun word.
And the marine theme is pretty cute.

But jellyfish don’t have brains.
Which makes it a funny choice for our mascot, no?

I always thought of the Fluther slogan as “Tap the collective [knowledge].” Which usually involves brains. :P

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We’re all squishy, and we sting.

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Jellyfish don’t have brains, but they do have a distributed nervous system. Similarly, the collective is not some single hive mind. Instead, its intelligence is distributed among its members.

But really, it’s just cute.

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I agree with @JeSuisRickSpringfield. I think the intention is that we are a close-knitted community that stick close to each other to thrive. And that’s beautiful.

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we drift aimlessly with the current and are the equivalent of stinging slime. We’re floating garbage compared to the dynamic creatures who avoid us with disgust.

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Well that’s an interesting juxtaposition of imagery. :P

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the truth may set you free. But you WILL die lonely.

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I joined because I also have no brain.

But you know that…

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@JeSuisRickSpringfield I have to agree with you.

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Funny choice, not ironic.

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