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I Want to buy a cool money clip.

Asked by mowens (8367points) June 16th, 2010

I want it to be unique, and not use a magnet. Every time I get a money clip with a magnet, it can never hold a lot of bills. Thoughts?

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That sounds like an attainable goal. What kind of budget do you have in mind?

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Money really isn’t an issue…. If it’s cool. Haha. I mean, I’m not going to spend 500, but I might spend up to 150.

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I think it’s very laudable that you want to buy a cool money clip. I also think it’s a waste of money.

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I use a mouse trap! 25 cents apiece…Guaranteed to draw attention to your big fat wad of cash. If you win the lottery, you can get a rat trap. heheheheheh

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@janedelila Loving the mousetrap idea. It just seems like it might be a little cumbersome.

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I was walking with a girlfriend through this fancy local store called Fred Segal and this small shiny object levitated me toward it: It was a $220 “Italian made” solid silver money clip.

Style, class, beautiful – Done! (“No matter what happens, I’ll have that [money clip] thing taken care of.” – Fight Club)

The problem is when I get cash out of the ATM, I get $300 in $20s – a habit tempered by years of friends making me stop at the bank so they could get out only $40 – so the clip stretched, and would not hold just 2 bills securely.

I lost it a week after I got it. <Pissssssed!>

In complete disgust, and half joking, I started using a standard black binder clip. To my surprise, it was perfect. So there it goes. I always get smiles and compliments about how quaint it is.

What you do is get a couple of the new Acco jobbers that look like this and peel off the plastic color part, and the result is an AMAZING hardened stainless steel looking binder clip.

That’s the hot ticket.

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Holy crap!!!!! You lost it?

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Yep. Painful.

I have always had a rule that for things that go on or into your body, “spare no expense”, but the money clip has been fired.

And the ritzy change purse too. I have a really nice brown leather dunhill change purse, but now religiously use one of these. My great grandfather used to carry one of these around. I actually get as many knowing smiles and comments on the change purse as the binder clip. Seems everyone had a granddaddy like mine. I had been looking for them for decades and then in like 2005 they made a big comeback. But when I first saw it, I was over the moon, and literally purchased a handful just in case it was a one time aberration.

I keep the cash binder and quikoin in my right pocket, and a top loading dunhill one of these in my left. To me those three thin and distributed components are the ideal minimal “man purse”.

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