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What does a beginning blogger need to know?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) June 16th, 2010

I’m a social networking dumbdumb. Fluther is about as close as I get.
I like Tumblr, I want to start something there. The problem kind of being that I don’t think anyone wants to read about my random stuff. It’s a self confidence thing and I think if I can get started on a blog, then it’ll help me be more open with people outside the internet. That might sound weird because I’m stilling thinking this through.
I’ve seen some people have here have blogs and the like. It’s odd because it seems simple, but I have nowhere to start. I’ve looked on Google and it’s too much information everywhere. Any help or suggestions as how to start or where to begin?

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Decide on some objectives: is the blog for you, your friends and family, or the public at large? How will you reach the intended audience? What will be the subject of the blog? How frequently do you want to post?

Also, come up with a list of post ideas before you start, so you don’t run into a wall right away.

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Those are good points. I’d of never really thought of those. More than likely it just be my thoughts on the really weird stuff that I see. I get some of my pop culture info from yahoo and I saw just now that the white house party crasher wife is going to be on the housewives of washington d.c. and that’s stupid. It’d probably be for me and whoever finds it. Kind of a free space for my random brain waves to operate freely on, if that makes sense. Like I said, I’m processing it now. But thanks for your help!

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I’ve started a blog on tumblr a few months ago initially in order to get my artwork out there…it was slow going at first, but that blog has just kind of morphed into things I like – other people’s posts that you can reblog. However, I am working on (as you can have a few of course) separate blogs solely for artwork or writing etc. I do post original things of my own when I have time and I get really excited about those and welcome feedback and generally it’s all good!! In fact not had one bad comment yet.

For me it was a an outlet for my voice, because in real life I struggle to say what I really mean and think and so I wanted a safe lace where I could write what I was thinking and show who I am without the direct contact with criticism. In actually fact it has done wonders for me… I’ve started expressing myself so much more and have actually, through the help of my blog come out to my friends and family as bi-sexual… (I didn’t do it online… it just gave me the confidence to talk to them…).

So anyway, I would just take the plunge…write or post whatever you want to..dont’ worry about whether people will like…someone will. I only have 14 followers in comparison to some that have thousands millions even…but it’s more for my own personal expression and I think you’ll find this too…

oh and be sure to look me up and tell me your tumblr address so I can be your first follower!!

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If you intend to blog using your real identity, you can expect to be googled and found by any prospective employer, creditor, or significant other. It’s the same thing with Facebook or Twitter. It’s up to you what you want to say, but don’t say anything you want to hide from anyone, anywhere.

If you really want to lay it on the line, I’d recommend blogging under a pseudonym.

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If you get stuck for ideas then do a MindMap!

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