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What is the answer to this math problem?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) June 16th, 2010

I know the answer, I am just not getting it right?
½x + ½y

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There is no equation. Therefore x and y can be whatever you want them to be…pizza slices and spark plugs.

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½ (x+y) is what I think you are looking for !!!! A simplification to….. .

i.e x= 4 and y=9

½ * 4 + ½ *9 is same as 2+4.5 = 6.5 or

½( 4 + 9 ) or ½ * 13 or 6.5 or any other numbers for x or y.

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Yo yo no homework questions on here

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This isn’t a problem, it’s just two terms summed together.

Solve A + B. You can’t, there isn’t anything to solve.

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@icehky06 :: They are allowed now. You just can’t give the answer away. But you can help explain how to find the answer.

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The answer to what? As others already said, there is no problem here as stated. What are you trying to solve for?

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ok then the text book is wrong

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Post the answer from the textbook.

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i dont know because it only gives odd numbers and this one is even

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Show us a similar problem from the odd ones and give us the answer.

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@justanswerthequestion Please explain how the textbook is wrong if there is no answer shown? P.S. It is no uncommon for errors to occur in textbooks.

Without an = there is no equation. I’m pretty sure what they are looking for is simplifying the expression or explaining it.

You explain a problem by randomly assigning the x and the y and then see if it works.

If you assign 2 to x and 4 to y you can explain the expression this way: ½ of 2 + ½ of 4 is the same as ½ of 2 + 4. Then work it out to make sure it agrees.

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I miss algebra class… Wait no I don’t.

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@justanswerthequestion You said “I know the answer”. Well what is it then? Makes no sense you are asking us for the answer if you already know it. What was the question? You’re giving us a mathematical phrase. If you would tell us what the question was and what you mean by “I know the answer” maybe we could get somewhere here.

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