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Gents, do you have a Hawaiian shirt in the back of your closet?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33167points) June 18th, 2010

Actually, we call them aloha shirts, but most people call them Hawaiian shirts. I was just wondering how many of the male jellies here have a wildly colored aloha shirt lurking in the back of their closets just waiting for someone to have a Hawaiian themed party to wear to?

Is yours bright blue with hula girls in grass skirts? Does yours have surfboards lined up in a row? Is it rather simple with palm trees swaying on the shore?

Tell us about the secret aloha shirt you bring out only on special occassions.

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Have two…when i go to a party!!!!

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I used to have a whole collection of vintage silk Aloha shirts from the 1940s and ‘50s, but I lost them in a fire. Those were some wonderful shirts in the pre-Rayon days.

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I have around 12 of them. I don’t like objects on them. Surfboards and such.
I like to stick with the flora.

Actually, I am wearing one right now.

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I used to have this great one made of silk, but alas I grew out of it. The most “Hawaiian” shirt I have now is a red one with white flowers on the bottom.

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I have eight or nine aloha shirts. Some made in Hawaii but the most unusual one was made in Russia.

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Also, they must have coconut buttons.

Except for the one I am wearing. ;-)

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Nope. I have never seen one I would like to wear.

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My husband has many in the front of our closet. The louder the better. ;)

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I’m not a gent, but yes, I do. as does my boyfriend. My father has about ten of them.

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<counting> Fourteen brah! <loose shaka>

And none of them are “in the back”. These are the select few, whittled from many. Mostly traditional/sedate.

The silk ones I tend to save for special occasions because of the cleaning hassle. Since my Hugo Boss days are long over, they are the only thing that I ever need to have cleaned. Being a guy is so great. The girlfriend takes pretty much everything – including me – to the cleaners.

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No, but I have a lot of plaid, which is the aloha shirt of the north.

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No but Tom Selleck is hidden in the cellar stuffed inside a sack of potatos.

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@jonsblond Why am I not surprised? haha.

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Nah, I don’t have one in my closet.

Probably because I’m wearing it now.

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I am proud to say that I have none.

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My husband wears his regularly on casual day at work.

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I don’t.
Though, I was in Kohl’s yesterday and seriously contemplating whether or not to buy one. In case you couldn’t guess, I decided not to buy one.

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I have never owned one. Now I’m old enough that I don’t need to worry about being trendy any more, I might just get one.

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I have many, including the ugliest one I ever saw: a gift from Mom. It has McDonalds hamburgers, fries, and golden arches. I last wore it to a bad taste party years ago.

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Mine gets a lot of use “Hawaiian shirt” Fridays at work… The gaudier (loud) the better.
I try to find them in second hand stores or at flea-markets.

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I bought one for my S/O when we went to a fancy dress party. Bright orange… I mean bright orange with even brighter green flowers on it.
As soon as the party was over the shirt went in the rubbish bin.
I just couldn’t bring myself to wash it and put it outside to dry.
I do have my pride and didn’t want my neighbours to think I actually went out and purchased it LOLL

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When I found this question, I had to show it to my husband who was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I don’t have any, but he does, and loves them! ;0)

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