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Why do shirts have collars?

Asked by trychvz (145points) April 21st, 2010

If anything, it looks like the shirt-maker messed up. I mean, if you think about it, all they are is extra fabric around the neck. So… why do shirts look better when they have collars?

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It must have derived from shirt/coat styles many many years ago. (That is my best guess)

Great question.

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It allows you to have a tie, which allows you to stay warmer in colder climes. Remember, many of our clothes are based on designs from times before we had heating, much less central heating.

Of course, not all shirts have full collars anyway. Nehru shirts and t-shirts. Unless you are talking about the collars on those shirts. Those are designed to help prevent the fabric from unraveling.

Well, those are my guesses.

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To wipe your nose.

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So you can pop it.

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For people with looooooooooooong necks!

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To stop the lipstick from getting on your neck.

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@wundayatta A tie keeps you warmer? And we invented a collar for this? This sounds fishy when a jacket is so much easier and much warmer. I don’t see a tie increasing heat very much.

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It was made to be an ornament to go with upper body clothing or an outfit.

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I wish they’d bring back ruffs.

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