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Life has become a video game; which character (on this team) best describes you?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 18th, 2010

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There are nine team members: pyro, engineer, spy, heavy, sniper, scout, soldier, demoman, medic.

If you play this game (I don’t) you may explain which character you enjoy playing and why you chose him. If you do not, why does one or the other appeal to you – either based on its name (Spy, Medic) or you may read and decide.


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I don’t play the game, but based on the team members, I would be a medic. I really enjoy taking care of people in real life and I am an adrenaline junkie, so saving people in the midst of combat would be exciting for me.

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I’m inclined to agree. I would be a medic, I work best under pressure, and I enjoy caring for people. I’m also in the medical field.. so I would lean towards a team member in a similar field.

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Why don’t they have, like…. “Hermit” or something? ‘Cause that would totally be me.

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I’ve never heard of it before. :) Sounds neat. I guess I’d be the demoman. I love watching stuff blow up.

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Ahahaha, Team Fortress.

I’d be the spy, because I like to be sneaky and smooth and pretend I’m blue when I’m really red.

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I don’t play this game but I’ll choose spy. I love trick and manipulation.

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Engineer because spies are always sapping my sentries

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Never played this, but I’ll be a demonman, whatever the crap that is. ’‘snarls at everyone’’

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@Symbeline Demo-man. As in, demolition man.

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Ah; even better. ’‘breaks things’’

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