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Why does it look like I can go and see Knight and Day at some theaters when the actually release date is June 23rd?

Asked by lilakess (789points) June 19th, 2010

Is the 23rd the wide release date. I’m confused.

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Strange. imdb lists the release date as the 23rd. Yet I just checked & a local theatre in Maine has a 7:30pm showtime. Call the theatre & check. I will, because it looks like a great movie & I didn’t think it was out yet.

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There’s a sneak preview tonight in my area, perhaps that’s what you’re looking at?

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Movies open in larger cities first. If you look at, Knight and Day is open in exactly two theaters per city in LA, NYC, Chicago and Houston (the four biggest US cities).

LA (and I think New York) is usually the first venue, by several weeks.

I used to live 2 weeks in LA, then 2 weeks in Chicago, for months at a time. It was kind of fun being a month ahead in movies when I was back in Illinois.

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I’ve got one too for tonight. I’m trying to figure out if I should go and see it. The new twilight comes out on the 30th, so they are trying to get some buzz going and make a little money, I think.

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Yeah, special preview. It was pretty good. Funny, quick but not in a bad way.

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