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Is there anything wrong with going to the movies by yourself?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) June 19th, 2010

I do it all the time. For me it’s my “me time”, so I have no qulams with it. I don’t mind going with other people, I just enjoy aome alone time. But whenever I’ve stated that to my friends that I’m going to see a movie alone, they either feel an almost obligation to come with or they ask me whether or not I feel pathetic for going alone. What’s the stigma or taboo about going to see a movie alone?

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No – I love to do it!

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No. I do it all the time, too! Half of the time, though, it’s because I’m going to a midnight premiere that none of my friends are nerdy enough to care about. In any case, I find it relaxing.

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There’s nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself. I love to go alone.
The people who think it’s strange or pathetic are the same ones who can’t go to the mall alone or pick up their Chinese take-out alone or the girls in high school who had to go potty in groups. Between the two, which would be considered more pathetic?

I mean, maybe some people are surprised just because usually when people go to the movies, it’s either because they’re on a date or hanging out with friends or family – but to actually ask you if you feel pathetic about it is kinda shitty. I’ve had the same happen to me.

I think going to the movies by yourself shows a mild form of independence and one should never feel weird about it.

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I do it all the time…..I love going by myself!

You are able to really _sink_into the story…without the distraction of wondering if the friend/date you dragged along is enjoying/not enjoying it. Or without having to wonder if the bad date you took is going in for the “grab”...or worse yet, stealing the popcorn he refused to pay for. Ever notice that? They won’t buy the popcorn, but they will happily eat yours!

I highly recommend this solo movie practice! :) To heck with the nay-sayers!

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I prefer it that way.

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It’s not just movies. I go to concerts on my own too. People always ask why I go alone and I just tell them that I’m not going to miss a show just because no one else wants to go. I’ve seen so many phenomenal shows by myself.

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I do a lot of things alone. That’s what happens when you are in an LDR but still want to go out.

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I’d love to go to a movie alone. With three young kids at home, there isn’t much I wouldn’t want to do alone.

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There is nothing wrong with it if it’s ok with you.

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I prefer it as well.
And if I feel I need to talk about the movie afterwards, I have the internet.
Life is good.

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I especially enjoy going to make out movies alone. I never fuss when I start to caress and fondle myself—sometimes, I even get away with a little naughty groping.

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As far as I am concerned, going to the movies alone is a little slice of heaven.

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@SuperMouse I agree. Particularly if I get to go to a matinee movie alone, I feel like I’ve taken a little vacation.

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Movies, sure go and enjoy yourslf,.

What about going out to eat at a restaurant alone? That feels to me a bit different because you are “on display.” I guess I mean that, when eating alone, it is clear to everyone who sees you that you are alone at a restaurant. Would this feel different to you guys than attending a movie alone?

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If I’m eating out alone, I usually bring a book as a companion.

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It’s my business not others about whether I should go alone or with others to watch my movie. I don’t need their pity. As part of popular culture most people will think that a person who do something alone is someone who don’t have a SO or a loner person. Well,I don’t care about it. It’s my money and my right.

And there would be a feel of uncomfortableness if you go to watch movie with romantic genre by yourself. Discrimination often happen.

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No, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that people are quick to judge and are used to people going with others to the movies and everyone’s “afraid of the unknown”, even if it’s something little like this.

You’re probably never going to see me do this, however. I just prefer to go with someone else…more fun that way.

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I hope not. I do it all the time.

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I love to go to the movies by myself! I sit wherever I want. I can go as early as I like. I can decide which movie I want to see. I can pick the showing. It’s great!

@Vunessuh: One time, I was eating lunch in my school cafeteria by myself, which I often do and I quite prefer, and this girl who lived in my dorm who I had seen once, not spoken to, just seen, sat down with me. When I gave her a surprised look, she said, “You’re the only one I know here.” It was so pathetic and rude I almost got up and left.

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@KatawaGrey People are so afraid of being/admitting/looking like a loner. People feel extremely self-conscious about it and I understand how that emotion can be rather uncomfortable, but when it stops people from living/enjoying life and/or using other people (in the way that girl did to you) to avoid it, that’s when it gets redonkulously sad.

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I enjoy going to restaurants alone as well, I treat myself to lunch on movie day. Great way to spend a me day.

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I’m fine with it. Other people seem to feel more secure about their insecurities when they can manage to shove them onto you. It must be validating somehow. Not your problem.

I went to Europe alone in my mid-twenties. I’m certainly not afraid to go to a movie or an opera or a restaurant alone.

Now, driving in San Francisco, that’s another matter.

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I’d do it if I didn’t feel like rape / murder bait.

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I did this frequently when I was younger, now my dislike of crowds steers me away from going out alone. I wait for films to come out on DVD.

There’s a Chinese restaurant that I feel comfortable at alone. They know me well. I come in during the slow period in mid-afternoon and get a table back in a corner. There I enjoy a book and a banquet in peace. I did that last Thursday; General Tso’s Chicken and John McPhee’s “The Crofter and the Laird”.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Sounds like a nice, quiet afternoon.

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@py_sue It works out good. I just stay away from crowded places, or any place where my solitary intentions might be misinterpreted.

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