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Can anyone suggest a good 2 cycle gas weed trimmer not made in China?

Asked by LuckyGuy (36376points) June 19th, 2010

I want it to be reasonably powerful – between a typical homeowner model and a commercial unit. $200–300 range. I’d prefer if it was US made but I will buy it from anywhere but China.
Any suggestions?

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I’m not sure where the actual units are made but Stihl makes great stuff. German company I think.

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Why 2 cycle? Have you considered a 4-cycle Ryobi? They’re light and powerful, they’re not made in China, plus you don’t have to pre-mix gas and oil.

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@MarthaStewart I figured 4 strokes were heavier for the same power. Maybe it is time I updated to this century. . Do you know where the Ryobi is made?

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I’ve owned a shindaiwa for about a year. Japanese. Good power. good performance. Easy to start. I’m pleased with my purchase. I’d buy it again.

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Poulan makes good products in that category. Only their chainsaws are trash. I swear by Stihl chainsaws but don’t know anything about their other products. I cut brush with a sickle bar cutter mounted on a tractor.

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