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Sometimes I'll have an answer for a question here but then decide it'd be weird to answer since I'm only 13 and don't really know anything about it. Am I right to not answer?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) June 20th, 2010

For example, I was about to answer this question, but then I realized that it would be weird for me to have anything to even say! But then again, I really thought I had a good point. I’ve answered a few questions like this and gotten quite a few GAs…So what would you say is the right thing? Just answer it and remind people that I know nothing about it?

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I think you should go ahead and answer it (and any other question you want). Even without personal experience in that exact situation, you can form an opinion about it, think about what you would do, and share that with us.

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The point of Fluther is, after all, to tap the collective. You are now part of the collective and your opinion matters just as much as the 22 year old, the 35 year old, and the 77 year old. Because it is a collective, it will be diverse and opinions will range. That’s the beauty of Fluther, and that’s why I joined.

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Answer the question. Age doesn’t matter.
Besides, you’ve proven to be quite an insightful member here, so you should never deprive someone of advice/suggestions/opinions you have, especially if you really want to answer the question.
This is a place where people come to have fun and communicate and get help and you’re just as much apart of that as anyone else.

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@Vunessuh Well thank you for that. :) You just made my…night.

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Oh please! Not knowing anything about the question has never stopped me from writing an answer anyway! ;-)

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Always answer. :) I’m 17, and I suppose I understand the feeling. If people weren’t looking for input though, they wouldn’t be asking questions here!

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@ChocolateReigns you did a great job on answering that question. Keep that up and after a while I’m not going to believe you are only 13.:D

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@ChocolateReigns I would like to add my vote to the “Go ahead and answer.” bandwagon. What makes Fluther fun for me is seeing the many different viewpoints that various people bring. And at 13 you can also probably Google for answers just as well as this old man, if not better. :-)

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Sometimes, the perspective of a 13 year old is just what I need.
Keep answering, you are a valued member and wise beyond your years.

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I don’t think there’s any reason to not answer if you truly believe you can offer assistance to the OP, no matter how old you are.

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Answer away…and, there’s no reason to preface your answer with a disclaimer announcing your inexperience. I think it’s amazing that you wish to be part of the fluther community and my hat is off to you for your apparent maturity.

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Don’t listen to the ageist chauvinists who tell you that you are too young to opine, discuss, contribute, drink, think, or whatever. There are rare cases where age really matters, but it usually matters insofar as it means a certain level of intellectual development. It should never, ever stop you from having an opinion or the right to express yourself. Anyone whose argument is you’re wrong because you x (where x could be “are 13” or “never experienced…” or “haven’t been too…”) is committing a fallacy of logic and deserves to be kneecapped.

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I choose my questions based on what I know. If you think you might know, go ahead and try to answer to your heart’s content. You might make a point that someone else might not think of.

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I frequently forget your age, so I don’t think it matters a bit. If you have an answer, always feel free to share it with us!

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One word, just one, of advice. If you feel yoursef getting angry and losing control of your emotions, please take a bit of time off from a topic. Good advice for any age, I feel.

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I think it’s good you pause and question yourself, and occasionally bail out of an answer, when you realize you’re not giving an expert answer.

I think that’s a great quality in a person. Some people feel they need to form opinions, for the sake of having opinions… and that causes tons of noise in life.

But sometimes, something in you might really want to to voice what it has to say. And just like you thought… go ahead and do that with the disclaimer that you could be wrong, or don’t really know what you’re talking about as far as expertise goes.

Your age of 13 doesn’t disqualify from anything at all; You definitely have valuable opinions and knowledge. I just like the fact you check yourself first, and I wish everyone did. (Not that they don’t, here on Fluther).


I’d love to hear the answer of a 13 year-old.

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No No No, you are no right. Please answer! If you want to include your age perspective of your answer you can but you don’t have to. Fluther is not only color blind it is age blind. One can only guess at your age by the things you say. And so what if they do??????

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Age is just a number.
Do what you feel is right, kiddo~

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We have had as many mature and articulate teens here as we have immature and moronic adults.

Your age is irrelevant.

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By the time I was 13 I had it all figured out.

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If you think your answer will be helpful or insightful then by all means toss it in. Somebody will point out any logic flaws.

Just… stay off my lawn.

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if you can pose such a good question then your answer is as valid as anyone elses.

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@janedelila Boy, have I learned that lesson since I asked this question. I wish I could give you about 20 GAs.

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Just answer any question you want. You are intelligent enough and valuable enough to the community. The very fact you question yourself is further proof of your intelligence.

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