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How to upgrade to Iphone 3.13?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) June 21st, 2010

Today I was upgrading my iphone OS from 3.12 to 3.13
I downloaded newest itunes as instructed and now they only offer me to upgrade to 4.0 which I don’t want
I manage to download 3.13 ipsw(?) file but no idea how to use it
I know 4.0 is newer and maybe better but I want to stick to 3.13 until 4.0 is proved to be reliable
any tip on what I should do?

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Press the SHIFT button for Windows or ALT for Mac , then click restore on iTunes. It should bring up a menu that allows you to search through your files for you .ipsw file, and then you can select that and it’ll update to that! Easy!

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Many Thanks to you!
I almost upgrade to 4.0 just now~lol
I should be able to upgrade to 3.13 if I got the right file^^

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Smart move sticking with tried & true, especially if you rely heavily on your iPhone.

fwiw, I upgraded to iOS 4 yesterday. It’s too early to say anything definitive, but I can tell you that my 3rd gen iPod touch is working great.

Pandora radio plays in the background. Folders are pretty sweet. And there’s been absolutely no slowdown in speed (as might be expected with a major update to a lesser OS).

I don’t have enough time logged on it yet to tell if there’s any impact to battery life.

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@joon1986 Sure! I’ve jailbroken many an iPhone/iPod, so knowing that is pretty important. The .ipsw files aren’t that hard to find around, but regardless of your OS for your computer, I’d use Firefox to download the file, because for some reason other browsers have given me issues personally…

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Looks like I might have same issues….I downloaded 3.13 ipsw and 3.12 ipsw through chrome and try to restore my iphone to factory mode but both failed
I am trying to download the ipsw using firefox this time~
I hope it works this time!!!

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@joon1986 While I prefer Chrome as a browser (on PC, Safari for OSX) it just doesn’t work! I think you’ll be fine with FireFox. Let us all know if there’re any other issues and I (as well as anyone else here!) will try to help!

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Thanks for all the help
but I “HAD TO” upgrade to 4.0 because of some error
I downloaded various ipsw file using different browser but nothing seemed to work
I personally like to have my iphone jailbroken (not because of free application~~) but I just upgraded to 4.0 and no other option is available now :)
fortunately 4.0 has many of features that I wanted such as folder,mutlitasking (not fully functional but good enough) and personal background^^
I will probably jailbreak the phone once again when it is available but I have to say 4.0 is not only pretty but also AWESOME!!

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@joon1986 I agree! Can’t wait to jailbreak!

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