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Have any of you tried the Breathe Right strips?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) June 22nd, 2010

I just received samples of Breathe Right nose strips to help facilitate breathing while you sleep. I have HORRENDOUS allergies… I often wake up with chapped lips because I can’t breath out of my nose, ever, but especially at night.

Have you or anyone you know tried these? Do you know if they actually work, specifically for allergies?

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Yes. You would be surprised how much they help. I started using them because I snore, when I wear them I snore less.

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@WestRiverrat : as soon as i put it on i could feel a difference, I am curious to see how i feel in the morning. I can’t suddenly breathe well but i feel more air flow for sure. :) thanks.

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I don’t know if they work for snoring, but they really helped me with my allergies and stuffy noses, and my throat would feel much better from not breathing with my mouth all night.

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Using them right now. I feel less tired in the morning when I use them.

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Yes they work pretty good.
But the price is horrible, and they are basically screwing over people who are suffering.

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No I have not but I am interested to see if they work.
I bet they would be helpful when there is a lot of thick humidity out there.

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My last girlfriend was a terrible snorer and because I couldn’t fall asleep even with earplugs, I got her a box to try. It did help a lot. She still snored somewhat, but it was way better, and something about it made her wake up enough during a bad bout to shift and end the snoring at the time. She also said she slept better and generally liked them, except for the occasional sensitivity her nose skin experienced from the adhesive (upon removing them).

I tried one one night because I was curious, but I don’t usually snore or have nose breathing issues and I didn’t really like it because it opened my nasal passages too much, resulting in a bit of pain in the nose and throat from all the cool air hitting them. However, they really did open things up and I was impressed at how much more air I was able to take in.

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I was given a sample pack while at Boots (chemist) to pick up a prescription. thanked the young girl, took them home and gave them to hubby, who snores terribly. I mean imagine the loudest noise ever and he’s louder lol. Truely, I have gone downstairs during the night to make a cuppa (usually because he’s woken me out of a sleep) and I can hear him clear as day even over the sound of the kettle boiling lol.

Anyway, they’ve really helped. I mean he does still snore a little but it doesn’t sound like a jumbo Jet taking off in my ear anymore, and they are now a part of my regular shopping list :-) As @MissAnthrope says he actually tends to turn over himself too instead of me having to try to roll him over like I always had to. They are pretty expensive though, but no one says you have to use them just the once. The adhesive on them is pretty strong so could you get away with using the same one for maybe 2 or 3 nights? They do go on the outside of your nose afer all and so long as you wash your face before applying them they are going on to clean skin. Just a suggestion, might make them last a little longer. hugglys xx

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I have used them, and they do make a noticeable difference.. as most people have said so far. I am prone to dry skin around my nose though, so they fall off a lot. I suspect the same would be true if you’re prone to oily skin in that area. That could be one potential downside.

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I received a free sample of Breathe Right in the mail. I have bad allergies. I couldn’t believe how much difference it made and how much they helped me breathe better at night. I love them!

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My husband used them once…it changed the sound of his snoring, but did not eliminate. Many people I know have tried them with success.

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My wife swears by them. I think they make breathing easier when my nose is stuffy, but I can’t sleep with them. I always end up peeling them off without really realizing it.

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Ok, so I tried mine last night and woke up at like 2am with a little bit of a headache, i felt like the strip was too tight. I was able to feel more air flow but it wasn’t making breathing much easier. I still have one more sample so maybe i’ll try it again tonight… thanks for all of your input!!

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Hmm.. I wonder if I was not using them correctly. My sister complained that when I visit her, she wakes up because I snore. So, a few times, I used the strips, but she claimed that it did not make a difference!

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My husband has used them for years and they do seem to cut down on his snoring. There have been nights where I have wondered if he’s breathing because he’s so quiet!

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I forgot to mention: they don’t work unless you wash your nose with soap and water, first.

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I am so getting me some of these, my SO snores like a freight train, keeps the baby and me awake!! Oh happy days :-)

Can you get them in the UK?

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Not sure? Try Amazon though! @BeccaBoo

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