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Have you ever been afraid to go to sleep?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) October 19th, 2014

Have you had an ongoing nightmare or health problem that keeps you from getting the sleep you need?

Anything else that you might be afraid of when it’s time to hit the hay?

How do you get to sleep when your fears get the best of you?

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Yes. As a child when I was awakened by a bad dream, I would be afraid the dream would continue if I fell back to sleep too soon.

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My hubby made me watch a very scary movie shortly after we were married. I couldn’t close my eyes for about 17 hours afterward because every time I even blinked I saw horrible images. I wasn’t scared, but couldn’t sleep, so…

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Yes. I was taking a medication intravenously at home and I was having a horrible reaction. My skin was burning (not like a fever, it was my skin feeling in fire) and it felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. It is one of the few times I really thought I might die. On day 7 or 8 my husband had to leave town and his mother came to stay with me. I asked her to sleep in my bed, that’s how worried I was. She did. In retrospect I should have stopped taking the medicine.

I have had spells where I endure reoccurring nightmares. I’ve never gotten to the point where I avoided sleep in a big way because of it, but sometimes I’ll wake up from one and purposely distract myself with other thoughts hoping I’ll forget the dream or at minimum not continue it that night. The problem with the reoccurring nightmares is you know the story all too well.

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During an exceptionally stressful time, I had nightmares so bad I would wake just as I would start dreaming. I went several months before I started taking anti-depressants, and could sleep normally.

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Yes, night terrors and anxiety.

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I suffered from terrible nightmares during early childhood, which used to make me reluctant to go to bed. The only other time I can think of was after a bad head injury when I was 15 or 16. My parents were out of town, and I was worried that I might have gotten a concussion, so I stayed up as long as I could.

A few years later, I found out that the whole “don’t let someone sleep after a concussion” thing is a myth. Oh, well. It was only one sleepless night.

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Yes nightmares as a kid and actually trying to sleep when a hurricane was forecasted to sleep. I turn to prayer to get a good nights sleep. I trust God to watch over me and decide my fate or condition. It usually lets me fall into a good sleep, to later wake up and find my nightmare didn’t occur or I and the people I love are all safe and sound and the storm passed by without causing me harm.
If you are not religious than trust that things will be fine and missing sleep isn’t going to fix anything, only make you tired. I always did adore sleep above all else. I figure staying up and worrying about something that hasn’t happened isn’t going to make things better. You can’t avoid nightmares forever and you have no control over weather or over when it is your time to die. So enjoy the sleep when it does come. Going to do that now.

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I forgot one more. I figure if I don’t wake up in the morning, I won’t know.

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Just the knowledge that I’ll wake up and be forced to feel my new reality. It’s 4am and I’d rather stay up than go to sleep and confront the truth my mind must wrap its head around every single day.

I actually have tons of crap to accomplish tomorrow, but sleep deprivation is preferred.

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Any time my CPAP wasn’t working properly.

Although I don’t use one now, it was a little nerve wracking, especially with travel, because if I forgot any one of the components, the whole thing was useless.

The worst was when it was stolen out of my car, and I spent two weeks trying to get it replaced.

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The only time I was ever afraid to sleep was once when I was in the hospital for a really bad peanut reaction. I was hallucinating pretty bad(common for me when I have reactions) and I hadn’t been giving any medicine yet (shitty hospital). So I was afraid if I fell asleep it wouldn’t end all that well for me.

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There was that one time when I dreamt I was a kid & I was staying at this place called Neverland Ranch.
No way was I going back to sleep once that trippy shit entered my head :(

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Usually only while driving.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t always stopped me in the past.

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When I was a teenager, still at home, I started over-thinking the mechanics of going to sleep. Basically you fall unconscious. It freaked me out and I resisted sleeping for several weeks! I got over it though.

When I was a kid I knew that in my dreams, if I started feeling like I was falling down through a vortex, it meant I was getting ready to head into a bad dream, and I’d wake myself up.
One time, though, I rode it out just to see what was at the other end. I vaguely remember my sister being in a well that was IN the house. Very scary.

Since I had notice, I rarely had bad dreams. Plus I could control the outcomes and directions of my dreams.

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When I see a rat moving in the room, I cant sleep and I dont want to sleep because I think he/she will bite my toes, haha…then I try to listen to music or watch movie…when I cant stand it, I’ll fall asleep >.<

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