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Where can I get a device to transcribe writing telepathically?

Asked by HungryGuy (15994points) June 23rd, 2010

Here’s the details. I’m a writer. I’m constantly thinking up new stories, but I’m usually either on the bus, or at work. I’d considered a miniature digital voice recorder to read my story aloud, and then play the recording back into something like Dragon Naturally Speaking that evening to produce a text file that I can edit. But I can’t do that on the bus, because I write erotic/thriller/horror stories, and people around me will think I’m criminally insane. What I really need is a device that will simply let me think my story into a text file, and then edit it later when I get home. Does anything like this exist?

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I would recommend that you find someone who can bend a spoon with their mind and ask them.

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I happen to have one. Send me an initial down payment of $50,000 in a Certified Check, and we can discuss the details of further payments and delivery.

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@hawaii_jake – “But there is no spoon!”

@dpworkin – Nah. I’ll wait until it’s a mass market product that sells for $19.95 at Try-N-Save.

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What you need is a a bluetooth mic and a willing party on the other end of the line to type what you say to them.

Every one will just assume you are talking dirty to someone on the phone..and really..aren’t you?

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@Merriment – That’s exactly what I’d seem to be be doing by reading my stories into a digital recorder, and then playing it back through Dragon Naturally Speaking that night.

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Simply make your own! First, shape a large mass of aluminum foil into a cap (must prevent the competition from stealing your information). Attach subvocal microphones all over the cap, with lines leading down to the laptop computer that you’ve strapped to your back. Be sure to mutter to yourself while you fine tune the program. The added advantage is that you’ll get the whole seat (if not the whole section) of the bus to yourself.

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@syz – Right. That’s exactly what I’m worried will happen…

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What does Stephen Hawking use? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not cheap, but it works for him.

Edit: Apparently he uses NeoSpeech’s VoiceText speech synthesizer.

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The future. Or just write it down.

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There is something less “crazy guy” about not talking into a recorder.

Something about recorders just shouts tin foil beanie time.

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it’s called a keyboard…or an office assitant

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@DrasticDreamer doesn’t S. Hawking only get 4 words a minute

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@talljasperman It might be a little more than that, I’m not sure. I honestly don’t know much about the device he uses. It says you type something and then a computer-generated voice speaks it – but he can’t move his hands, so I don’t get it. And he couldn’t have someone type for him, because he can’t speak… So I have no idea… lol

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iPhone or iPad notes.

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It’s true, the best ideas happen on buses!
I’ve mastered the art of writing on the bus (writing in straight lines without looking at the notepad).

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You could learn a foreign language, or invent your own code words, and then speak-record it in that. Then you could do a search & replace in word processor to de-code your draft.

Wazongas = heaving bosom, etc. ;-)

Or learn or invent a shorthand or story diagramming system to take written notes with.

Or just enjoy people thinking you are criminally insane. Might start some funny conversations.

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Okay. I’ll try some of these ideas…

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Hawkins uses facial tics to control his software. once he loses all movement he’ll need the currently being developed chip implanted in the brain to pick up impulses to control stuff. ex. a monkey was implanted and then remotely controlled a robotic arm across the internet. i suppose hawkins uses facial reconition w/ the tics as triggers to operate the keyboard/mouse/word list to make sentences which the above mentioned software synthesises into speech.
there is a toy, the star wars jedi mind trainer, which is a real trainer that uses a real, new tech that uses sensors to detect brain pulses to control software.
i’ve heard, via 2600, that external and aftmarket implanted subvocal mics, used with subvocal commands, are the current rage, but i can’t find anything online but theory, developing tech, rpg and questions.
i say use a digital recorder, either hold the mic close to mouth w/ record vol. turned up, or an external mic hooked up, prefereably a boom mic – the idea is for the mic to be close to moutn for lowest possible speech vol. then have some school, research or work project lookalike that you can pull out and hold up to look at so that it looks like you’re recording your ‘work’. And if anyone who does hear you can say it’s study for a degree in – criminal justice, pyscological forensics or sexual psychology or whatever. make sure the prop is appropriate looking.

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