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Can applying deodorant/antiperspirant several times a day harm you in any way?

Asked by augustlan (47713points) June 23rd, 2010

One of my kids is obsessed with smelling good. She wears perfume, uses scented body wash/shampoo, etc. Thankfully, she has good taste and does smell good!

I’m a little concerned because she re-applies her deodorant (which is also an antiperspirant) throughout the day, including just before bed. Can this hurt her in any way, or is it just a harmless quirk she has?

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The only thing I’d worry about is the aluminum content.

Overuse of aluminum salts can lead to skin discoloration, problems with sweat glands later on in life, and there is talk of a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.

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@Seek_Kolinahr And breast cancer, think about how close they are.

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Just before bed? That’s a little obsessive if you ask me. I tend to think anything that isn’t supposed to be in or on our bodies, shouldn’t be. However, we can’t all be stinky either. You could look into some more natural means of anti-perspirant.

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probably not unless she has sensitive skin in some way? maybe if she showered first each time would help? a lot of people shower several times a day if the weather is hot and especially if they are surrounded by people in the work place all the time…?

i would be more concerned about obsessive behaviour…but she most likely will grow out of it?

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In the scientific community, there are varying opinions on how much harm aluminum can cause. Parabens, which can also be found in some deodorants and antiperspirants, is also up for debate when it comes to health risks. A good site that you might want to look over is here:

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It can harm her friends if she doesn’t apply it ;))

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Constantly stopping your body from doing what it naturally does is never good for you. This goes for antiperspirants, birth control, etc.

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I try to avoid worrying about things that don’t have a really sound scientific basis, but as a brainologist, the aluminum thing creeps me out enough to use deodorant without antiperspirant. (I prefer apricot scented.)

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Yeah, might lose some good friends, if she doesn’t use it!

smell so bad, make Right Guard turn left, Speed Stick slow down, Secret obvious, and Sure confused!

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The aluminum works by going into your skin and temporarily altering something with the sweat glands, (don’t remember what exactly, but that’s apparently what it does.) Why not try all the more external options before resorting to constant use of that? I use a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch. Except when I’m extra worried about stink, I’ll use the maximum over-the-counter strength stuff. Did I just negate my point there? Oh well.

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If your body emits awful odors, THAT is the problem. Bad smelling perspiration is a symptom and anytime you cover up symptoms, you are layering your problem(s) like onion skin.

Aluminum is harmful to you for all sorts of reasons, most of which have been mentioned above. Powdering with baking soda is a good temporary remedy. However, anytime we have discharges that are sour or ill-smelling, all is not well. Same with vaginal discharge. It is not normal. Outside of menstrual issues, there should be nothing ill smelling in your private garden.

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@MissA Well, even the healthy smelling sweat can be a little much in modern situations. Indoors, crowded car, you know.

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If she absolutely refuses to stop, I would suggest giving her a natural deodorant to minimize the risk. Try some Arm & Hammer Deodorant, that’s the one I switched to ever since I got spooked by the risk of disease from aluminum and parabin and whatnot.

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@BarefootChris The Arm and Hammer I have has both the aluminum in it and triclosan antibacterial stuff, so not all of their products are free of these things. It’s a lot like non-flouride toothpaste. It’s hard to find alternatives and when you do they’re usually less effective than you want them to be.

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I don’t want to toot my Dad’s horn, hehe but I’d like to suggest a product he makes.

He is the Production Manager for a little company called Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Their deodorant line I use daily and it contains all 100% natural ingredients, she could apply it all day every day and it’s completely safe. Heck she could eat the stuff!

It’s in a liquid rollerball style applicator and it cuts the stink right down :)

I’ll take this moment to “brag” about this company. I worked for them for 2 years and they are hands-down incredible. Their values, family environment, and philosophy is amazing. If anyone is ever looking for fantastic and 100% natural beauty products you should check them out! They ship anywhere and everywhere :) I stand by this product line and know that if you try it you’ll love it :D

Okay, I’m done!

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Thanks for the input. Just to clarify, she never smells bad, I think she just worries that she might. I don’t even think she sweats all that much!

She probably applies it 3 times a day, on average, with a high of 5 times in one day. She is a little OCD about some other things, too, so I guess it’s related. Maybe I can at least convince her to switch to a non-aluminum product.

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@augustlan oh, a given…maybe, my light hearted comment should have been shelved. you do have that power girl!

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@zophu Hmm, I forgot that they’re not all sans aluminum. I think the version I use it called “Arm & Hammer Natural Protection” or something that to that extent.

Anyways, good luck either way! Try to help her see that she doesn’t smell bad and there’s no reason for her to!

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i found some in a local health food shop that said they were natural or mineral or something…some sort of stick that lasted forever, the one i bought….it didn’t look like it had aluminium in it, but i am not a scientist…

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You can point out that they might not find their ideal future partner. Choosing the best partner depends on natural odors all of which happens unconsciously. Show them this article for example

“That inexplicable chemistry you feel with someone who may not fit your normal dating profile? It could be a subconscious scent drawing you to him or her. Studies have found that how a person smells gives us clues to their genetic make-up, and thus, their potential to be a compatible mate. On a subconscious level, decoding a scent gives us a powerful tool to ensure our kids will be healthy, and our orgasms will be plentiful.”

That should end their obsession. Plenty of orgasms? Yes, of course.

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@mattbrowne if all the men in the world read this there would be a collapse in the sale of male deodorants…

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@tadpole – Unless men are happily married and don’t want other women make advances toward them ;-)

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I don’t think it would, if they don’t put it there in the “Caution” section.

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