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How would you become economially independent and afford having a luxury catamaran in lets say 10 years.

Asked by xblogtest123 (7points) June 23rd, 2010

How would you become economially independent and afford having a luxury catamaran in lets say 10 years.
This is my dream and I’m working my ass off right now. I have this engine that scans new websites and stuff for blog hosts. I found this website through this tool and I learn alot whats out there on internet. Try to pick about a 50–100 websites a day to learn what they do. I have a tool that makes fresh blog posts from free articles. There is a lot of work involved.

Question remains:
How would you do it?


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Marry a very rich old person.

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Maybe not as you put it but with good investing, for the long term maybe even longer than 10 years possibly 15–20 you could do pretty well for yourself.I’ve heard maturing bonds is a good way to go.

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Having been forced to retire after I was disabled by a negligent driver in April 2004, the best I can hope for is to avoid poverty and homelessness when I reach age 65 and my disability income ends.

No glorious retirement is in my future.

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Start a business, pay off all your debts, invest your money in things that create a passive income, buy your catamaran. But you are probably more interested in becoming financially independent.

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@Dr_Lawrence that is horrible. Sorry.
I have no more plans for myself than to open my own bar. If this builds me an exciting and luxurious future then sweet, if not, then at least I will die a happy man. Behind my bar making the best cocktails in the world in a real environment.

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Do the best you can to succeed for today and your future. Have a savings account just for that desire. Tossing what ever you can into it. THAT representing your catamaran.

Re group in 10 years. Anything else would just be torture.

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Write a novel that turns out to be a bestseller with a movie deal.

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I think 10 years is a very unrealistic goal to achieve financial independence in unless you are a Bill Gates. Try reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers to see what has been the secret of some people’s success.

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You could major in philanthropy. They always have lots of money. :-)))

Seriously, janbb’s answer is right on target.

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