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What successful movie did you hate?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) June 23rd, 2010

Inspired by @DarlingRhadamanthus ‘s question

What movie was really successful (in terms of money, awards, or rabid cult followings) that no matter what, you just did not get?

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Titanic. It was long, and I already knew what was going to happen.

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Forest Gump

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@talljasperman Right??? I was like “wow, I am never getting that part of my life back.”

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I’ll answer this by giving my most recent top five Oscar Best Picture mistakes:
1.) 2002 – Chicago over Gangs of New York (WTF?)
2.) 1997 – Titanic over L.A. Confidential (blithering idiots)
3.) 1994 – Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction (most would say over The Shawshank Redemption)
4.) 1979 – Kramer vs. Kramer over Apocalypse Now (fav movie, all time – lost)
5.) 1977 – Annie Hall over Star Wars (I don’t even want to get into this)

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@papayalily Its a good thing that I only paid $5 for that movie….

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Kill Bill was great.

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@ipso I get Forest Gump over Pulp Fiction because Pulp Fiction (while defiantly awesome) doesn’t have quite the mass appeal of Forest Gump, and the Academy hates things that don’t have mass appeal.

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Pretty much any movie in the past 15 years that was a remake of a hit movie from prior years.

War of the Worlds is a good example. The ‘53 movie is still much better than the Tom Cruise remake.

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The Godfather

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@papayalily – I hear you.

The Godfather is a great movie.

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Avatar. Please, make this over budgeted, unoriginal, blue, 3D piece of work disappear.

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@rpmpseudonym I heard someone say (I think on Fluther) that it seemed like somebody just wanted to use the technology and didn’t bother to create a plot to go along with it. Which I agree with, but it is sorta ironic since Cameron had wanted to make it back in the 90’s and just waited until the technology was available.

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Avatar, nearly. The way that people went on and on and on about how wonderful it was, while not an attribute of the movie, lends a certain bad taste to the experience. Seriously, people! It’s an old, old plot with only a setting change and CGI to spice it up. There’s fanfiction out there that has more originality.
Individual bits of the film were particularly scorn-worthy, like the heavy-handed green Aesop bits and the gratuitous use of Bush-era military/political terminology (“shock and awe” and “terrorism” were especially bad, since neither of them applied to the situations in which they were used, and were merely a cheap way to try to link Quaritch’s alignment to the presumed-Evil Dubya).

Still, I tend to enjoy all of the movies that I go to see. The one exception was The Day The Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Reeves. I loathed it.

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Napoleon Dynamite
I have no clue how it got so popular, it was boring as hell

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District 9
Hellboy II
Cloverfield (I didn’t hate it, but it really wasn’t anything spectacular.)
And I fell asleep during Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. I just had a really difficult time getting into them.

As you can tell, I’m not much of an action flick fan. Heh.

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You don’t have all day.

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I’m with aprilsimnel on this one.There are too many to count.

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Was The Sixth Sense succesful? I hated it.

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Slumdog Millionaire
Napoleon Dynamite
District 9
Dawn of the Dead remake

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A hell of a lot, but if I go with something recent, I’ll pick Alice in Wonderland.

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I agree with Napoleon Dynamite & I blame high school sophomores for it’s unjustified popularity.

@Michael_Huntington I can understand why you would say Slumdog Millionaire & District 9, even though I loved both of them (I saw them long after the buzz died, so I was able to just sit & enjoy & not have clouded judgement) But I would argue that Wall-E doesn’t deserve to be listed here. I want to avoid a useless shouting match (it’s just a movie after all), so I will just say, please re-visit the movie in 5 years & hopefully you will see what it was that I saw in the movie – a remarkable & personal story about the human condition & I’m not talking about the obvious one (large, lazy people destroying the Earth) I’m talking about the human condition that is told through Wall-E.

Another obvious addition to this list – The Hangover. I will admit, I didn’t see all of it – I got up & left after the first 10 minutes. I hated The Hangover with a deeply rooted anger/passion. Just knowing there is a sequel coming next year makes me want to burn down every cinema in the country & gladly do the time for it. (I won’t, so this is not a confession that needs to be exhibit A in a trail against me if there happens to be a cinematic arsonists.)

Lastly…about this Avatar thing- I know James Cameron shelved the project 10 years ago because the tech. ‘wasn’t there yet’. I call bullcrap on this. A great movie doesn’t need great tech. to make it work. You either tell an incredible story or you don’t. The fact that he sat on it’s story, even after Fern Gully came out 18 years ago, Pocahontas came out 15 years ago & Atlantis coming out 9 years ago. To watch the release of those movies & still stick with the story, is just lazy & greedy. It proves he relied on the ‘tech.’ to sell the movie & not the story. So that’s allwogianae, oops,slipped off my soap box there for a second. That’s all I got to say. :) Thanks for listening.

(new comment from @Symbeline, I have to respond) Yes, agreed… but if you take out the first 14 minutes & the last 7 minutes… you have an alright movie. :) Altogether, it was a bit dreadful.

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@rpmpseudonym I agree. I think I was too harsh when I put WALL-E, but I certainly did not enjoy the movie. I will re-watch it in another time.

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2001 A Space Odessey (sp)
That movie about the USA racing against another country’s runners?
The Godfather was good.
Star Trek
Out of Africa

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Well chick flicks aside, that’s a gimme.I’d say, sight unseen mind you for fear of puking. The Pink Panther bullshit with that pratt Steve Martin.Wrong, terribly terribly wrong!!!

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@rpmpseudonym I agree, it is a stupid reason and he does rely on gimmicks. Of course, always remember that this is the man who brought us Titanic.

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@ucme I thought it was sorta funny in a “well, I guess there are worse movies being shown on cable when I’m stuck in bed sick” kinda way.

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I’m going to go ahead and jump on the Napoleon Dynamite bandwagon. I turned it off after 15 minutes.

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I had forgotten that I ever saw Napoleon Dynamite. There was a screening as part of an elaborate event for prospective UM-St. Louis students. If not for the fact that we were all herded together, I would have left and found something more interesting to do.

Barring sleep-a-thons like Birth of a Nation, Napoleon Dynamite is probably the most loathsome movie that I’ve ever had to sit through

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Sideways. Two schmucks trying to get drunk and get layed. I want my two hours back.

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Slumdog Millionaire
Alice In Wonderland
I hated those movies too.

Across The Universe
Donnie Darko
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Those are movies that most people my age love, but I could never get into them.

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