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What do you have against Hillary?

Asked by zepoman (159points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m not a Hillary Clinton fanboy, but I’ve noticed many strong feelings about her on fluther. In my opinion, she would be preferable to McCain. Of course Obama would be first choice. Just wondering what specifically you all hate about her.

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Sorry, just noticed a similar question was asked a week ago. Still wondering if the dislike for her is a matter of personal taste or do you really feel she is unelectable because of her flaws?

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I have always supported Obama. And up until her outburst about the fliers on that Saturday morning I would have happily voted for her if she got the nod. She has just turned nasty and I will seriously hold my nose if I have to vote for her. I would never vote for McCain.

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wikipedia her and you’ll see how she changes her mind on a lot of policies and position on things,judging by her experience I think she’s too moody and will use her emotions to make a decision rather than knowledge and openmindedness. She’s a great lady,but not great enough to run our counter

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I agree with johnpowel and the moose: She just seeems nasty and moody (part of the time). I really have a problem with her inconsistency, you never know what you are going to get!

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I don’t agree with her politics, nor Obamas. Other than that and I think she is a power hungry, win at all cost and take no prisoner type of person who will say anything, do anything and lie about anything to get elected. Other than that, she is ok.

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In the beginning I thought Hillary was a good candidate, but once she started losing in the polls she turned real nasty and evil I think. She only shoots Obama down when she is losing and when she fears he is going to win. Also I do not like how Bill Clinton at one point in time would take over her rallies. He would have a whole speech written up and he would be making claims against Obama as well. I think that Bill was a great president for his 8 year term, but ur time is over so he needs to sit down and let Hillary try and finish her job cause I think Bill was only hurting her. But overall her tactics and her wishy washyness is cool in my books. Im voting Obama and I have been that way from day one!

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She’s a political apparatchik; most of her career has been about doing the thing that will get her the most power the most quickly, and she’s not above dirty tricks to get there. I fully expect a nasty political fight over the superdelegates at the Democratic convention; and I expect her to try to win the nomination no matter what damage it does to her party or to the causes she allegedly espouses.

I also find it repugnant that she coasted to a Senate seat by being a former First Lady, moving to New York state just in time to qualify for an upcoming election. Are we supposed to vote for her because of her wisdom in choosing a husband for optimum political advantage?

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There is not something I “hate” about her. I don’t follow her campaign closely. From my (European) point of view I see an intelligent, strong but very cold woman. Her husband makes a much warmer impression. That doesn’t mean Hillary is cold but I think her lack of charisma makes it harder to feel sympathy for her.

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I actually like her a lot, but when she is clearly desperate and doing gross things like accusing Obama of plaigiarism, it makes me sad that I support her.

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her pantsuits?

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