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I'm having my gallbladder removed tomorrow. Anybody have any experience they'd like to share with me?

Asked by loser (14987points) June 24th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m really dreading this for some reason.

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Nah, it’s not so bad. Gallbladder disease runs rampant in my family, I don’t think any of us have a gallbladder left. You’ll be sore for a while, but nothing unbearable. Good luck to you :)

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@Loser: Two recent questions (one week ago) asked by me relative to my bro-in-law. There is a lot of useful info based on people’s personal experience. It took my b-i-l a week to feel marginally normal, peppy and have an appetite.

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You’ll do great. Good luck and let us know how it went. You get ice cream after it’s over. No wait, that’s for tonsil removal.

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