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Dilaudid 2mg IV conversion?

Asked by AleckzG (27points) June 24th, 2010

I’m in the hospital getting 2mg IV dilaudid, what is the conversion in pill form? I was told by two different Dr.‘s two different mg’ said 10mg the other said 12mg…the Dr. that said12mg is the one in charge of my medicine in here..

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There is no conversion. The pill form will contain a certain milligram, and your dose will depend on how many pills you are directed to take. If you take a 10mg pill, you receive a dose of 10mg. If you take a 12mg pill, you receive a dose of 12mg.

An IV dose will have a concentration (milligrams per milliliter) and a volume (milliliters). Those two numbers will tell you what dose you are getting. For example, if the concentration of the drug is 2mg/ml and you receive 5mls, then your dose is 10mg. If the concentration is 2mg/ml and you receive 6mls Iv, then your dose is 12mg.

According to this information, the typical concentration of a solution used for injection seems to be 0.2mg/ml. I don’t work in the human field, so I cannot attest to the accuracy of the information.

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I would be shocked if you were given an oral prescription of dilaudid leaving an hospital. First, dilaudid is almost never prescribed orally. Second, most docs don’t like to hand out scrips for very potent opioids to naive patients. Third, there are other, better options. So, in summary, I suspect you’ll be given something else. To answer the Q, most IV to oral conversions are roughly 3–4 fold. In any event, 2 mg dilaudid is a very high dose already. That’s like getting about 15 mg of morphine IV, which would be like 30–60 mg orally.

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I don’t think dilaudid is something you want to get addicted to.. i believe it is like synthetic heroin.

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The 12mg dr said he was gunna send me home with the 80oc 60oc 80oc I’m already taking for my pain (endocarditis) & dilaudid tablets every 3–4 hours for breakthrough pain. Sounds like a lot of meds to me… Then again I’ve been hospitalized for over a month & morphine iv stopped doing it’s job on me. I get random pains all over my body daily.. Drs say it’s part of the life threatning infection. Well thanks, I’ll ask again. He wanted to put me on the fetanyk patch n take me off the oxy but frankly I’m scared of the patch

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