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When someone has had their children taken away 3 times, do they deserve to get them back?

Asked by knitfroggy (8944points) June 24th, 2010

I know of some people that have had their children taken away by the SRS three times. Once was for a filthy house, not positive what the second time was for. Last week their newborn of almost three months was admitted to the hospital at 8 pounds. They claim to be over feeding him and he spits up all his food. I think they probably weren’t feeding him. I heard through the grapevine that he was diagnosed with failure to thrive. He was taken into custody from the hospital. The next day their 2 year old was found 2 blocks away from their house, naked. The police had her an hour before the parents even called 911. Who knows how long she had been gone. Their other two children were taken into custody the next day.

How many chances do people deserve before the judge should just find that there is no hope?

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I’d like to say I’m a believer in giving second chances, but that kind of neglect makes me want to hurl. Ne child should ever be treated like those children have been.

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It depends on the alternative. Here in Sacramento, 5 children have died while supposedly under the care of CPS, and some homes have 5 or 6 children moving in and out over a period of months. It is so bad no one even knows where some of the kids are.

I would much rather see mandatory in-home visits for the families, with parenting training provided.

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Social services are strapped and it’s a gamble as to whether or not the kids taken do any better than with their blood families, sad. I think it’s only natural for society to want to give parents as much chance as possible to turn things around in a stressed environment and keep their families intact.

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I know the foster care system has a lot of bad homes, but there are also some wonderful homes. I know a few foster parents and they are wonderful. I just think that having to remove children from a home three times seems extreme to me and obviously the situation is not improving. I believe people deserve a second chance, but a third? I don’t know these children well, but I still fear for them.

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I think it depends on what they had done to lose the children and what they have done to try to fix the situation. If they aren’t trying to better themselves and they aren’t willing to go to parenting classes or cooperate with CPS, then they don’t have the best interest of their children in mind and shouldn’t continue getting them back. If they are trying but just need a bit more help, I think that help should be available to them.

I can understand second chances, but beyond that, I would hope that the parents would have to prove themselves to CPS before getting the children back.

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