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Computer Program "Change" : Why is it not giving me that option? (Details follow)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11266points) June 25th, 2010

Again my saga with not installing Adobe on a temporary computer. I opted to get Serif because it’s just an “in-between” program and I don’t need anything major to do an edit on this particular project. And it was easy to download, too.

Anyway, somehow, I checked (by mistake——misreading what they asked) the boxes so that now all my jpegs, and other files are now opening under “Serif”. What I have to do is go back to the Control Panel, get into Windows Vista and “Change” this particular computer program and uncheck the boxes.

At the top of the listing of all the programs (after clicking on Control Panel) it says, “To uninstall a program click on the program and choose, “Uninstall”, “Change” or “Repair.” But when I click on the program, a box comes up and the only option is “Uninstall: Yes or No”. I want to choose “Change” but I don’t see it as an option——can someone tell me where to find it?? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance….to anyone who can shed light on this mystery.

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You don’t need to change the program, you just need to change program defaults under Control Panel.

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Hi, DP…!

These are the steps I followed:

Resolution: During the PhotoPlus install, there is a File Associations step at which point you can choose which file types you would like PhotoPlus to open when you double-click them. If some of your image types are now opening in PhotoPlus then they must have been ticked at this stage during the install. To resolve this:

1. From the Windows Start Menu, choose Control Panel
2. From Control Panel, select:
Windows XP – Add or Remove Programs
Windows Vista / 7 – Uninstall a program
3. Select your version of PhotoPlus from the list
4. Click Change
5. Click Next
6. Click Modify
7. Click Next until the File Associations screen appears
8. Uncheck all the file types that you do not want to open with PhotoPlus when you double-click them

So, I go into the Control Panel, I find Vista “Programs” and then I click on Programs and I find the Serif Program. No where on the list does it give me the option to Change it…only uninstall it.

I am following the directions they gave me.

Am I doing something wrong? At the top of the page that lists the programs…it says to click on a program and CHOOSE the option….but there are none, except Uninstall.

I know I am missing something…....? Thanks DP…!

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Yes I understood exactly what you did from your first post. You are looking in the wrong place to change the file associations back. Go to the file that you want to change the association for, right-click it, choose “Open with…”, then choose a program.

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