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I can't find the "enable Custom HTML" thingy in my theme tab ! >.< HELP !

Asked by Danica (1points) June 25th, 2010

they say i need t go to “CUTOMIZE” ..
then click the “THEME” tab… Then “enable custom html”
but i cant find that in the theme tab ?!!!

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So, go to your tumblr blog, then on the top right next to “Dashboard” there is “Customize”. Click that, then it’ll take you to a page with a few options up top, and a preview of your theme. Click “Theme” on top (second option in from left to right), and a window drops down showing a bunch of themes. At the bottom of that window will be a “Use Custom HTML” option.

My tumblr if you’re interested: James’ Tumblr

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Yea.. i tried that…but there is no such option at the bottom >.< AARRHHH.. im so angry with myself and i dunno why. Lol. Any other option? >.<

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Try making the zoom smaller on your comp or lap top. thats what was wrong with mines :D

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