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Which famous person if they visited your place of work would you ask to have the day off?

Asked by ucme (46715points) June 25th, 2010

A kind of meet & greet with staff/employees.Someone who you would have no desire to meet let alone greet? Of course you may work from home, in which case go for a walk or something.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh i’m sure you could find something useful & amusing to do with him.I know, you could throw one of your delightful pots… him. May improve his looks & more likely his smugness.

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Dick Cheney

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Ann Coulter

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The lady who wrote Twilight.

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Sarah Palin.

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I would love to “have a conversation” with Sarah Palin.

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Mr. Ratzinger.
Thierry Henry.

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Al Gore or Nancy Pelosi.

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Sarah Palin.
George W.

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I guess it would be anyone that’s so called famous. I don’t see the point of others making a big to-do, or to grovel, or just plain making an ass of themselves over someone that man made great. They are only human just like me.;-)

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George W. Bush
Elisabeth Hasselbeck <Blech>

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Any politician

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I’d actually like to meet W. I would love to hear his thoughts on his presidency now that he’s out of office. Dick Cheney, on the other hand, would have me running for the hills.

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@Dr_Dredd But do you think you would get the truth. LOL! on ol’ Dick;-)

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Jay Leno…I am very frightened of his chin.

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Al Capone, if he were alive!

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Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Either Bush
Dick Cheney
Kim Jong-il

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@AmWiser I’m not sure I’d get the truth. I might wind up in Gitmo. ;-)

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Almost any politician. Of course it would never happen since I own the workplace. It’s too bad that Al Gore is such a shit; our environmental interests coincide.

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I wouldn’t want anything to do with any politicians, Mel Gibson, or Tom Cruise.

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I am disgusted by the likes Katie Price AKA Jordan and Kerry Katona. They’re just talentless attention seekers and I don’t want to add to the attention this country already seems to give them constantly.

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I’d have to say Alex Salmond, Gordon Brown, or any of the Royal family. My own personal feeling (and its shared by many many others) is that once Queenie shuffles off this mortal coil its past time to get shot of the lot of them.

@Leanne1986 well said about Jordan, Kerry and the mountain of other Z list “celebs” who get fame not by having an actual talent but by selling themselves to the media. <shudder>.

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Rush Limp-balls

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