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What is your favorite ride at any amusement park?

Asked by Tarf (187points) June 27th, 2010

just wondering

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Ferris Wheel, hands down.

So relaxing, great birds-eye view, nice breeze. Even better with nice musical accompaniment.

A close second would be the Merry-Go-Round but the really great ones are those restored from when they were first produced. There’s a really nice one on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights with great old timey calliope music. Takes you back to an earlier time.

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Roller coasters.

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i always like a good roller coaster, not necessarily one with a loop, but just at least one seriously steep and long drop.

i appreciate the nostalgia of the carousel and the view and breeze of the ferris wheel, though. i don’t really like flumes, because i hate walking around wet and fully clothed on a hot summer day.

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The drive home. I don’t find amusement parks that amusing.

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Rollercoasters, TheOctopus and the swings.

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The Top Gun roller coaster at the amusement park by my parent’s house is a great one.

My favorite ride for a long time was Back to the Future at Universal Studios, but they removed it and replaced it with The Simpsons ride which was a pretty dick move if you ask me.

I live only 30 minutes away from Disneyland, so I go there every once in a while and my favorite is the Indiana Jones ride. =)

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I’m do not find whirling in circles and throwing up amusing. I don’t like to ride anything at all.

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At Universal, i liked the King Kong ride and the ET ride. i also have a real appreciation of when you exit these rides, you go right through the gift shop. some marketing genius had his thinking cap on that day.

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I love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, but I can’t wait till I can get to the new Harry Potter world in Florida.

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The bench near the ride.

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@dpworkin lmao XD

I totally love any and all haunted houses. Either the ones with little cars or the walkthrough ones. I get a kick out of seeing the decors pop out at me and hearing this screeching that sounds like it’s coming out of a soup can. It’s often very cheesy and corny, but you can see the effort and it feels like walking through a grindhouse movie setting. When I was little they always used to impress me.

I’ve been in plenty of them, traditional ones, one that was a jungle setting, and the deeper you went the more dark and bloody it got. Another one had metal gratings, and some dudes wearing masks and using real chainsaws would run around behind the whole time you were going through the house. It was awesome.

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There are actually some rides in the major parks that I love, but I hate the fast roller coasters and I’m askeered of heights.

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I love heights, but I don’t really like roller coasters either. I just like being on high places, not flying around all over the place. Eep. So what major rides do you like?

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I like all the “vintage” rides at Disneyland from my boyhood in the ‘50s, like Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. I like Pirates, Jungle Ride, and Haunted Mansion, too.

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@Buttonstc Seaside Heights was our #1 vacation destination for years. I hope it’s as clean , safe and exciting as ever. I really loved that place.
A: Merry-G0-Round. Why? Great music and no vomiting.

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For years I used to go regularly the 2nd week in Sept. when the main beach season is over but most of the Boardwalk vendors stay that extra week for Clownfest, one of the major clown conventions on the East coast. Plenty of great classes and lots of fun culminating in a huge parade down the Boardwalk on Sunday afternoon attended by thousands coming from all over just for the parade. Really fantastic.

Anyone with young kids living in the area should consider a family outing. Tons of good family fun. There’s also lots of free stuff on Sat. all over the Boardwalk.

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Islands of Adventure’s “Dueling Dragons”

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The only ride I even enjoyed at an amusement park was called “The Flume”. It consisted of a car that resembled a hollowed out log which flowed along a water filled U-shaped track, went slowly up an incline on a conveyor belt to the top and then sloshed down the outer side with a lovely splash which was a treat on a hot summer day.

It was at the “La Ronde” amusement part of the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair.

Has anyone seem such a ride elsewhere?

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