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What is the strangest thing you've ever washed in a car wash?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) June 27th, 2010

We have those faux wood floors in the living room. I have a 12 X 6 area rug in there that’s faux Persian—The kind you get at Walmart for $60 or so. I got this one for $5 at a garage sale in Oklahoma several years ago. Well, it’s been through five years of DOGS and just….messes. It’s rained like a banshee this spring and early summer, with the dogs tracking mud in, and laying on the rug with their wet dog smell, PLUS Dakota is shedding like banshee. Piles and piles of fur everywhere. For the last two weekends I’ve been on a mission to to GIT MAH HOUSE CLEAN!!! I pulled the rug out yesterday and hung it over the fence to “air out.” I spent and about an hour with the shop vac today trying and trying to pull all the dog hair and whatever else that I could out out of the rug.
After watching me for a while Rick says, “Why don’t we take it to the car wash?”
It’s a testament to how invaluable the rug is that I jumped on it instantly!
So we did! I assumed we’d just frow it on the ground, but Rick pointed out these heavy duty clips that they have for holding floor mats. So we hung it up and pressured washed it. It was gratifying to see the dirt running out in droves.
Anyway, it worked like a charm! It’s drying outside now. I’m going to be so much happier with that rug for at least…..five days.
That’s the strangest thing I’ve washed at a car wash, if you don’t count washing grandkids at the same time as you wash the car. How about you?

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Well, hunky-darns! It’s raining again! My rug is out there! Whatever shall I do?.................
In the immortal phrase found in the early 70’s song WAR!…. “Ahhhhb solutely nuthin!

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A 1940s-era car that nearly had the doors coming off, followed by an imported Citroen CV4. Standing policy was that only vehicles may be washed, and truck beds must be free from small debris.
See, I used to work at a full-service car wash.

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O! Did we break the law, @Nullo? Wish we had that standing policy about debris. People wash their cow and horse trailers out at our car washes. Ishy!

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@Val123 Not the law, likely. This was company policy. This company, in fact.

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me…forgot to roll up a window!

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@Val123 it was a mess!

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Rachel’s bum. Ellie was washing her car, & I grabbed the hose-thingy. I got smacked.

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