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Do you think it is wrong to turn your dead dog into a rug?

Asked by ragingloli (46916points) 1 month ago

If yes, why are other animals, like bears, acceptable?

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Your premise, ”...other animals, like bears, acceptable” is false, it isn’t okay to have a bearskin or zebra skin rug, at least not in the 21st Century.

In the old days, using the skin as a decoration meant nothing went to waste after hunting the animal for food.

Besides, dogs would make lousy carpets. Too small for real use, stinky, and lousy hair.

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At a minimum you need to get the consent of the dog before you use him/her in this way.

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Well, an Old English sheepdog might do nicely on a wintry morning by the bed. And I use pulis to mop the floor. ~

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I think it’s revolting to have any dead animal stuffed and hanging around on display.

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Me too @gondwanalon. It’s usually done by the same people who have penile insecurity which prompts them to buy loud trucks and giant guns.

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I don’t think it’s appropriate to turn any animal into a rug. A nice pair of shoes, sure.

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It would creep me out for a pet, but to each their own.

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I couldn’t do that…
Stuff him and stick him in the corner, OK!
(My dog had the most beautiful tail. I had thought about turning his butt into a hat when he died.)

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^^^^ Hahaha!

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I wouldn’t do it; but IF it trips your trigger, I say it’s your dog & your house…I won’t be visiting!!!

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My last dog I made into a vacuum cleaner

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My current dog is a vacuum cleaner. IF it hits the floor, she’s inhaled it before you realize what has happened!!!

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@ragingloli Do you think it is wrong to turn your dead dog into a rug?

Heads-up if it’s a throw.

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@LadyMarissa That’s why I made her into a vacuum cleaner! I told her, affectionately, that when she died, that’s what I’d do,

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I wouldn’t do it, but if someone wanted to taxidermy their dog or cat curled up and sleeping, and display him / her in a pet bed for a while, I could understand that. But their comes a time to move on and get another pet companion.

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