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What are some parts of movies that you have to fast forward through every time?

Asked by ubersiren (15175points) June 28th, 2010

I can’t stomach the scene in American Pie where Stiffler drinks the beer with, uh, baby batter in it. Must ff. I’m not easily offended, but certain gross out gags are just too much!

What scene grosses you out, scares you or otherwise offends you?

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I don’t have a video- or dvd player so no fast forwarding for me, but for a reason i don’t know (i love to do it myself) i find kissing scenes yukky.

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I never fast-forward. But Ellie always skips through the suspenseful or “jumpy” parts in movies. She loves blood & violence, though.

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I always fast forward past the love scenes. They make my skin crawl.

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When Matsumoto’s teeth shatter after O’ren Ishii stabs him. Sure he was a murderous pedophile and deserved it, but it freaks me out seeing teeth break.

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That reminds me of the scene in Van Wilder with the eclairs filled with dog semen and it’s dripping all over their faces as they eat it…it’s so hideous…

I wouldn’t skip over it, though, I’d just look away. I don’t think there are any scenes in movies that I skip over. Violence makes me queasy pretty easily, so I tend to not like looking at really graphic bloody violent scenes.

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I’m with @ragingloli on the love scenes. I find them quite awkward to endure.

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@DominicX Gag! I totally forgot about that, and I hope I will soon again. Blarf!!!
@ragingloli Do you mean like sex scenes, or just romantic mushy stuff?

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None. If I get born on a movie I just turn that whole fucking shit off lol.
That said, I fast forward through the entirety of Sweeney Todd.

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The romantic mushy stuff.

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I fast forward through romantic scenes and epic battles, fights, and chases.

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If i read all of our answers i wonder why Hollywood still makes romantic (comedies) movies?
We hate them.
Stop making them.

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@rebbel , if Hollywood stopped making romantic comedies, the airlines would get very upset, since they seem to love these movies.

which is why I never watch movies on the plane. I would if they showed something good.

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@Kraigmo The only thing worse than watching some PG-13 romantic comedy sex scene with your parents is watching it in economy class on a plane. Seriously. I never understand why some airlines choose the movies they do.

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@Kraigmo Good point!
I do watch them, they make for real good sleeping aids.

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How old are you guys? 9?

Romantic scenes don’t bother me

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I generally have to suck-it-up, unless by chance no one else is watching. In that case I will fast forward every single dance scene – bar none – and many cheesy no-sex sex scenes. For me in both instances the “aesthetic distance” is violated and the suspension of disbelief is completely destroyed.

In some scenes that are just too obvious or predictable, they’ll get “compressed” via FF.

I was marching through some movie lists and found myself 70x fast forwarding through almost every French movie. They often are not a narrative structure and are just really about nothing, and since I don’t speak French, and so often French translations will be 1 /25 the actual word-for-word content, there is nothing going on but moody nothingness. Bu-bye.

I overheard a hardcord small video store worker one time. He was bragging to his workmate that his 5 or 10 movies a night was going so much better since he discovered “the 5 min. rule”, that is, after 5min if he did not like the movie, odds were substantial that he would never like the movie, so would just quit.

I find that to be a great rule. If I feel the need to fast forward within the first 5 min or so, it’s almost always a done deal – especially on Netflix – unless of course the couch is not empty.

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I either fast forward or mute the car chases, and I cut hours out of “Dances With Wolves” by fast forwarding through those endless scenes with Bison running and running and runn….......

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@ipso I sort of do the 5 minute rule at home. My husband gets a multitude of Netflix movies. If the movie doesn’t appeal to me in the first few scenes, I flip open to Fluther, et al.

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I only time I fast forward during a movie is when I’ve seen it many times and I want to get to the good parts. However, whenever I watch Pulp Fiction I never watch the scene when they plunge the needle into Uma Thurman’s chest. <<shudder>>

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I skipped the ending of Happiness. Ugh.

I always skip the opening of Finding Nemo. Too sad. I do the same thing with Dumbo too- except I just skip the whole damn movie. Sometimes I wonder if they used to pass out razor blades with the theater tickets.

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I have to fast forward past scenes in movies where it appears that blameless wolves or dogs are being abused or killed. (e.g. in Open Range or in Dances with Wolves)

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Death penalty i.e. the actual execution.

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I have been sitting here trying to figure out when the last time was that I FF something in a movie. I can’t remember.

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Oddly enough, much as I adore the Harry Potter films (I know I know…. but there is a certain Potions Master who makes for some nice eye candy….) I never ever watch the scenes involving any of the Dursleys ie the first few mins before he heads off to Hogwarts, cannot stomache any of them, they annoy me by their existence lol.

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The rape scene in The Prince of Tides really upsets me so I always fast forward that bit even though it is one of my favourite films.

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Ah yes. I walked in on the scene while my mom was watching that movie. Very disturbing.

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@bunnygrl I have no idea who those people are, but it sounds like you do, so I give you lurve. :)

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@ubersiren <hugs> they’re Harry Potter’s auntie, uncle and cousin who are incredibly cruel to him, I just can’t bear to watch them torture him, it actually upsets me. Although not half as much as the last films will because I saw the latest trailer online yesterday and you all know what happens to my darling Potions Master in the last book… yes? <wee bottom lip starts to wibble and eyes begin to fill up…. sob> <throws more hugs for @ubersiren > thank you honey and lurve right back <hugs>

@Leanne1986 I absolutely agree, I have to ff that part too, or if not watching it alone (and I LOVE it too, it’s an incredible movie) I have to get up and leave the room. I remember crying in the cinema when I first saw it and I haven’t ever watched that scene since, when I bought the video (how old do i sound?) I still ff ed that part. If anyone hasn’t seen it, please don’t let our comments stop you, its a wonderful movie, but that scene is terribly upsetting.

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All the scenes with Liv Tyler in LOTR, except the coronation sequence, where she doesn’t have a whole scene but just ruins it shot by shot.

Actually I let my son do it because I haven’t figured out how to control the FF on a DVD. We also take that opportunity to vie with one another in finding creative new language for trashing Liv Tyler.

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Lol… @Jeruba What’s wrong with Liv Tyler? Is she that bad? I never noticed.

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Oh, Goddd. <shudder>

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