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What are some things that give you a "NATURAL" high?

Asked by breathe (249points) June 28th, 2010

I get a natural high when I anticipate seeing someone very special to me.
I get a natural high when I wake up and pet my little dog and she give me a very big sigh. Then I know she is happy and comfortable.

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Beating the shit out of someone on Mortal Kombat.

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I’ll follow @Symbeline‘s lead and say banging a hooker in my car and then pushing her out and running her over to get my money back. In GTA of course, although, I might ponder doing that in real life sometime soon.

That, and making people laugh because I love seeing the people I care about happy.

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@Vunessuh I agree with this too, making someone really laugh is always special. (It happens on Mortal Kombat a lot, too. :) )

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Getting the shit beat out of me by @Symbeline in Mortal Kombat. (We don’t know each other, but if an action like that gives them a high, who am I to take that wonderful feeling away if we were to ever play MK together?)

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Although I think weed is as natural as it gets, sex, food, and exercise all give me a natural high.

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@rpmpseudonym If you ever wish play against me…prepare yourself.

…can’t help but having a good high when I spent all those years learning moves, juggles and combos…then 3D takes it all away haha.

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Water sports of any kind. Fishing or class V rapids, it doesn’t matter, I’m happy with it all.

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Making somebody close laugh is indeed special. Exercise, water sports, the great outdoors.

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What is mortal kombat?

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Last comment on the topic, as to avoid a ‘removed by’ for off-topic… @Symbeline, I may get my ass handed to me in MK, but if you play me in Smash Bros. Wii, I will kick some serious butt using Mr. Game & Watch – so you better watch out!

@breathe Mortal Kombat…So much to say about it, this wiki page will suffice.

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Hearing my husband’s voice on the phone and seeing his face on the webcame.
My son.

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Childbirth, a nice day weather-wise, swinging in a swing, babies.

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@breathe Kick ass is what it is.

I wanted to find a good Youtube video for one the 2D MK games but they’re all too long. meh.

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Holding a fat little baby’s leg close to me.

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@janbb D: Just the leg!?

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@Vunessuh Naw – the rest of the baby comes with it, but oh – that leggie!

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Natural highs for me is playing a new riff on my guitar real loud. Meditating after a good long yoga class. Feeling another’s energy and feeling that connection. Anything in or on the water is a biggie for me especially flying down the river full throttle in my boat is nirvana for me.

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Having dance parties with three great boys, laying in bed with one incredible man, a great Spinning class, and yoga class.

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cruiser, I love boating too. Especially on the ocean.

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Really spicy food. It gives me a huge adrenaline rush.

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Owning noobs on Modern Warfare 2, and skydiving.

Also….having a one night stand. That feeling of hooking up with a total stranger, both people feeling so vulnerable and going to a personal level with a stranger.

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skydiving. getting a job.

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Chocolate, speeding, orgasms, punching a punching bag while pretending it is someone you really want to beat the crap out of

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Paying my bills. I know, boringggg. But it thrills me when my bills are paid.

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Laughing so hard you fall off your chair, really good sex with someone you love, holding a happy baby, driving too fast with Rosalita playing on the radio with the volume cranked up really loud…. (the last one may only work for me).

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get a plastic bag and breathe in your own air for 2 mins can get you a natural high or just hold in your breathe for 2 mins.

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When i sneeze 13 times in a row, i feel lightheaded and i assume that’s a “high”.

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Stand up comedy, my 2 best friends, and my freaking adorable baby.

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@ubersiren he is freaking adorable! :)

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Hearing a family member in another room laughing.

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Mucuna Pruriens from a reputable source, then the Flintstones.

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Exercising and shopping.

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@john65pennington LOL. Are you sure that’s legal? :-)

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Having had the priveledge to of been there when all my grand-children were born and seeing them grow-up.

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Running or cross-country skiing 10k. Hitting a target at 1000 yards. Rebuilding an engine and have it start on the first crank. Giving happiness to someone who has known very little of it.

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Rollarcoasters (at least for me).

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Having the feeling that someone that has passed on, just touched your heart.

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Star gazing on summer nights lounging in my cold hot tub.
Driving through the beautiful mountains on a perfect day.
Sunrise when everything is fresh and cool.
Sleeping naked on a hot summer night, all the doors and windows open with a fan caressing your body, like tonight! lol

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Anticipation. When boarding an airplane for example. Headed for the United States. The anticipation of travel seems as wonderful as the actual traveling itself.

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Yes…what’s that brain the brain cannot differentiate from thinking about an experience ( visulizing ) or the ACTUAL expereince! lol

Sooo…guess it is true…we can have multiple highs from thinking about AND doing something!

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Toad lickin’ in public.

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“It has been argued that dopamine is more associated with anticipatory desire and motivation (commonly referred to as “wanting”) as opposed to actual consummatory pleasure (commonly referred to as “liking”). Recent researches suggest that the firing of dopaminergic neurons is a motivational substance as a consequence of reward-anticipation.”

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@mattbrowne Wow! Thank you for taking the time to research, I appreaciate that, and I love and live to learn, Have a wonderful day! ;-)

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Speeds above 120MPH with The Prodigy’s Paranoia Suite playing loud.

The drug that is the sensation of motion is purified with the removal of time over the same distance.

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