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Where and on whom do you spend most of your emotional currency?

Asked by tedibear (18926points) May 27th, 2014

At work on your employees and co-workers? At home on your family? At home or during your time with your significant other/spouse? On your friends when you are with them? Do you spend any on yourself?

Do you know where most of it is spent and why? Have you achieved balance in your spending? Do you receive deposits as well as allowing others to make withdrawals?

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My significant other eats 60%, a couple of my technicians take around 30% & 10% gets spent randomly on other whiners.

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I just wish I had the actual currency necessary to hire a professional to help me figure the answer to this question out.

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I used to spend 75% on my s/o and 50% on my family, with no deposits. That really sucked and was very draining. Don’t try this.

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I spend it all on myself. Does that make me a Republican?

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I spend more on my obnoxious boss at times than I care to, otherwise I am very selfish.
After years of being happily single and having a very low stress lifestyle/work, I am now having to manage another persons issues again. It sucks big time. I wish them death every day. lol

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What the hell is “emotional currency”?

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@cookieman Emotional energy. Gotta keep your account from getting overdrawn or you might go on a shooting spree. lol

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That would be me. Every waking moment involves me and my emotions that are pretty equally divided amongst my family, friends, co-workers,pets and global warming.

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It used to be my career. (What a misguided person I was!). Now it is on my SO, who is everything to me.

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@Coloma: ah, got it.

My wife and daughter 80% of the time. 18% for me. 2% for family, friends.

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I don’t really set portions of my emotional currency. I mean everyday is different, you can never tell.
Well, for most parts I spend it on myself. And I am always their for my family and friends.
But seriously though, I always look for time for myself. I hope that’s not bad.

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