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(For iPhone users)What apps are on your home screen?

Asked by Sneakerfreak503 (37points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I got live scores, fluther and flytunes

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Fluther, Scenario Poker, (mobile Google), (iGoogle), Springlets, GasGauge

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facebook, BBC iPlayer

I tried having more than one home page but didn’t like it. Would prefer having folders than the whole sliding screen thing but hey

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Google, Wikipedia, Fluther, Meebo, Daring Fireball, Facebook, UK Trains, IMDB, MacBox apps, BBC iPlayer, BBC Podcasts, T Mobile Hotspot login, FlyTunes, MailCoaster, UK TV Guide. All on a second home screen.

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Google reader, facebook, twitter, digg mobile, fluther, guild website, irovr, flickr mobile

Jailbreak: IRC, capture, book reader, comic reader, text editor, finder, snes emulator, mxtube, video recorder

…any wonder why I’m attached to my phone? LOL

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I have exactly 100 counting the original apps. A few of my favorites are Fluther, iPregnant, flickr, TN traffic cam, iDoodle, Wiki, and spin the bottle(my wife and I use it to see who gets to do any task neither of us enjoy, it has turned a lot of potential arguments into a good laugh)

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Ihave nearlyevery app previously mentioned =p. 6 pages worth! My most used are mail, youtube, and recently, fluther.

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Yep, six full home pages, and four on the seventh. I believe it will hold 112 in all, with all seven pages full.

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Just counted apps, I have 103 total and I actually use them all =0

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wikipedia, dictionary,and this site.

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Great use for spin the bottle bulbatron! Share the link? :D

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I have digg, engadget, wellsfargo (mobile), igas, fandango, and scriptures

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Launchrz (which is where all the following came from), google, mowser, fluther, newsgator, iTweet, rushmsg, cinema listings.

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