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Guys, what is your favorite guy site?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) March 18th, 2008

You know, the kind with videos of people crashing, hot chicks, beating the final levels of video games, and stupid, yet hilarious pranks.

I like, although new content doesn’t seem to appear as often. Uberbatman just introduced me to What else is out there that you like?

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other than fluther and porn idk.

teejay0514's avatar is a pretty cool website.

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“Warning this post may contain referances to God, Church, Christianity, Salvation, the Bible or other related topics you might consider proystelizing or bible thumping or may otherwise be hazardous to your desire to avoid thinking abou these topics—read beyond this point at your own risk” Thank You

God Tube

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[fakes a deep voice]

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@blippio also redtube dot com!

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psh boysfood dot com is better than both of them

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definitely just went there and bookmarked it! i love free porn!

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haha ppcakes whats not to love its FREE and its PORN two greatest things in the world lol ^_^

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yeah, uberbatman, i think their two of my favorite things and put them together, pshh you wont see me for days!

El_Cadejo's avatar is a pretty cool site i just stumbled on.

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@uberbatman: I quite like that, nice find.

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