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What have you heard that made you go "Huh??"?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) June 29th, 2010

This has been happening to me a more and more lately and maybe because it is still early here, but I just had a customer ask how many are in a bag of a thousand!! I was stunned…politely told him a thousand and took his order??

What could be the cause of all these strange and unbelievable statements?? Is it a terrorist attack with dummy dust? Not enough caffeine in our coffee??

What really odd, funny, really out there things have you heard of lately and what do you think they were thinking?

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That the woman who claims Citibank fired her for being “too sexy” was caling for a Federal investigation.

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The hotel guest that called down to the front desk and asked, “What time is check-out?” Upon hearing the response of noon, there was a pause, and he asked, “You mean we can’t leave the room until 12:00?” It gave the staff a good laugh.

And oddly, a question I just read on Fluther (not yours). Despite reading it a couple of times and still not getting what the person was asking, it’s been bookmarked for another time. Maybe it will make sense at another time or reading the responses.

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When was the war of 1812?

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The entire “we can torture terrorists” viewpoint.

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Most recently, the controversy over a Parenting Magazine article written by one of their editors claiming that she thought breastfeeding was “creepy.” She said it was creepy to see a tiny innocent baby sucking where your lover has been. Again, the editor of Parenting Magazine. I’m in favor of freedom of choice, but it struck me as completely ignorant. She better never give oral if she ever plans on kissing her baby.

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@ubersiren That is totally “Huh?”.

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@ubersiren WHAT THE FRAK?
Okay, more than happy I never actually paid for that subscription.

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Well, I heard this from a friend who works as a banker. They were offering someone 0% on a loan, and the person responded “I’ll see if my bank can beat that.”
No joke.

Needless to say, they didn’t offer -1%.

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When I started doing web design and marketing (about 8 years ago) I worked for an agency that catered to small businesses and when I say “small” I mean practically non-existent. On 2 separate occasions I had people call me out of the blue and ask if we could build them their own Google! The best part was that they wanted it to be done for under a thousand dollars and wanted marketing included. WTF?!?!?!

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I was complaining about my lack of companionship (yup, in that way) for the last few months to a friend, and saying how I didn’t really want a relationship, just sex, and I can’t really just bring a stranger home one time because my cat gets really freaked out and starts nervous peeing again if I don’t gradually introduce new people to her. So my friend suggested that I simply teach my cat how to have sex with me. After what seemed like 10 days of me staring at her in horror, it turned out that was not at all what she was suggesting…

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deleted by moi.

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@ubersiren Your last point is mutinous!

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My weather guy on TV was talking about the overnight forecast and said that since it would be cloudy, it would really be “dark light”.

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Yesterday I had a big “huh?!” moment. I was walking into a store when I noticed an older man staring at me. I mean, really staring. As I walked past him he stopped me and said “Here, take this…” and he handed me an empty package of an air freshener. I looked at him strangely and asked, “Whats this for?” He replied, “Its garbage. Go throw it out.” And with that, he walked away laughing. I stood there in shock. Did that really just happen? Huh?! What is wrong with people?

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@ItalianPrincess1217 It’s unfortunate that you were the recipient, but that guy is the man.

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Theorem. Every positive integer is interesting.

Proof. Assume towards a contradiction that there is an uninteresting positive integer. Then there must be a smallest uninteresting positive integer. But being the smallest uninteresting positive integer is interesting by itself. Huh???

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@BoBo1946 That’s pretty funny.

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I know a young man who, for the past few months, has chosen to have blood sucked out of his body for $50 a pop rather than going out and getting a job. Every time I think about that I say “huh” out loud.

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I would totally do that if I weren’t anemic.

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@jfos that is definitely a huh!

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@BoBo1946 It makes sense, but it’s funny to think of an integer as interesting. And it’s totally opinion anyway.

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@SuperMouse Really? I can sell my blood? Where do I go?

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@Seek_Kolinahr but your job is to be a stay-at-home mom right? I mean it makes sense in the way of supplementing income or when you make the choice not to work for a reason, you know? When an able bodied person, with the time and the ability to hold down a job would rather donate blood for a living, I say “huh.” I mean this guy literally sits around playing Call of Duty all day, bitches about having no money, and does this instead of getting a job. It reminds of me of Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy, their characters spend all winter freezing and lamenting the fact that they have no money, but neither of them makes any move to actually get a job.

@chyna, there is place locally where people can sell plasma for $50 a pop. They can do it up to twice a week.

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@SuperMouse Good to know in case I don’t find a job.

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I once assisted a customer in picking out motor oil for his truck, he asked for 5 liters of synthetic and 5 liters of semi-synthetic. I asked him if he was doing two different vehicles and he says “No, I like to mix the two together, I find my truck performs extremely well with synthetic oil but only if I mix it with semi-synthetic first.”
That made me go :O for a few seconds before my mind kicked in with a “Roll with it dude” and I pushed down my urge to tell him he was doing more harm than good.

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