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What are some of the most useless websites you've ever found?

Asked by EatMyLurve (5points) July 11th, 2008 from iPhone

It can be a blog, forum, or even freewebs website. I recently found Interesting, ay? And chuckled to myself. I’m not trying to say that websites are useless “offensively” I just mean…they serve no use.

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I don’t fully get but it’s quite popular.

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johnpowell… <——?

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Ha ha ha!!! Funny badger site.

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Ummm…I think I love thisissand….

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BTW Star Trek 2 best Star Trek movie… ever!

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This thing called Fluther. Just kidding, Fluther rocks!

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Doh! I just re-read the question 2 days later and realized it says “useless” not “usefull”. Ignore my previous post – I’m a bonehead.

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