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Do your cats like "covers"?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23147points) December 21st, 2010

My little female cat has gotten spoiled. We’ve covered her up several times when she was curled up, just to be funny, and apparently she likes it so much that she pretty much expects it now. She’ll hop up on my bed, snuggle down right in front of my pillow, then she’ll meow until we give her a blanket, LOL! As soon as I give her the covers she wants, she starts purring and licks my hand. It’s actually pretty adorable…

Anyone else have a cat, or even a dog, that prefers to sleep with covers?

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Considering I don’t own a cat, dog or any other type of furry animals I can’t be sure. However, my cousin owns a ferret, and the times she sleeps with him, he loves to bury himself in the covers (I’ve witnessed this personally) Maybe they feel and love the warm embrace like we do, considering they are mammals and were all once in the womb.

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Oh yeah, my cats love to be in stuff. Anything. Under blankets, newspapers, tables, the couch… I often will find a lump in my otherwise perfectly-made bed where Archer has crawled in there.

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Ha! Spoony THE Cat loves to crawl under the comforter on cold days for a snooze. I have to be careful climbing into bed to make sure my side is empty on entry.

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@WillWorkForChocolate lucky critter!
Both JackyJilly loved/love the blanket game. And when there were two of them, the one on top of the covers liked to play “jump on the lump”—
I’m still missing him and she is now using covers both for pleasure and to hide from strangers since he isn’t around to protect her. My greatest delight is when she snuggles under the covers next to me.

@ETpro any pix of Spoony the lump?

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My female likes to burrow under the comforter on my bed and hide under blankets and wrestle with your hands or feet.

She will stay covered and ‘hidden’ for a long time and fall asleep.

The male not so much, he’ll get cozy for a bit then be done with the covers.

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He likes it if he’s already laying there totally immobile. I’ll cover him and come back hours later and he’s still under them.

My roommate used to do this to her two tiny dogs. It was the only way they’d stay calm when she wasn’t home. She called it “making them into burritos” was funny.

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The one that lives in our house sure does. He spends half of his life under the covers while my grandson is at work.

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@Coloma Jilly falls asleep under the covers too.
@deni love the burrito image! Jilly just gets called “the lump”

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@ETpro I love when you post pics of that cat. He is so lovable.

My cat likes to go completely under the blanket and sleep against my hip.

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We must have odd cats as they don’t like to be covered. They like to be on top of the blankets but when we have tried putting blanket(s) over them; they wriggle out and go away.

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I just got a kitten a few weeks ago and he’s so sweet. He keeps trying to sleep with me so close under my blankets… I toss and turn… I’m afraid that I’ll smash into him he’s so little. I woke up last night and he was sucking on my arm, trying to milk me. weird kitty

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Nah, they’re pretty hardcore and tough it out.

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One of my 5 cats enjoys being under a cover quite a lot. Sometimes I like to sleep under a blanket only so when I throw that on the bed with her already sleeping on the corner of it, she doesn’t even move. She just lays there all covered up and starts to purr in overdrive.

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Awwwww, that makes me want to get right back into bed with little kitties and cuddle all day (damn you!)! Sasha likes the covers sometimes but it’s more of a playing thing. Although, I do come home most days and wonder why I bother making my bed in the morning because between the two of them, my blankets are always a mess… they make little holes and hang out under these “tents” while I’m away.

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Milo here; As long as the duvet is stuffed with hand-picked serious goose down from geese that are still alive and 600 count all-cotton sheets.


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@Deja_vu Awww, my little female did the same exact thing when we first brought her home. She was given to us before she was properly weaned and I had to be her mommy. Gave her cat milk in a bottle and everything. At night, she’d mewl until I pulled her up in my bed under my covers, then all night long, she’d nuzzle all over me, trying to nurse. It was cute.

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Bite your tongue woman! lol

Covering the geezers ears

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@Coloma: Note, please, that I did imply that no geese must be harmed when their belly feathers are removed (gently and sparsely). Wouldn’t Marwyn and Mrs. Mar appreciate a slightly thinner layer during the hot months?

And I should have been clearer, of course.

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Teasing you…actually down works as insulation too, waterfowl regulate their body temp. by the cooling of their legs and under their wings, they are pretty climate controlled all by themslelves.

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@Coloma Psssst, someone posted a question about eating your beloved pet… But I wasn’t the one to tell you that.

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My cat hates being under the covers. Probably because my brother traps him in there and farts. He used to love being under the covers.

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Yes, the household cat sleeps most of the day under bed covers, just not mine. Our dogs also would prefer to be under bed covers as opposed to their own designated dog bedding on the floor.

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Hey @daytonmisticrip is your older cat ok now? Did she go to the vet?
That’s a stinky thing your brother does

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@anartist I couldn’t get her to the vet but she’s doing good now.

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Just experienced ’ battle of the bed making’ with my two delinquent children. lol

STILL not able to put the new sheets on the bed as the ‘two’ dive and frolic and slash at me in their frenzied dive, hide and attack mode. :-/

Okay…they just left the bedroom, hurry, hurry…

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@Coloma: sometimes it’s so hard to make the beds when you have cats! Just getting them off to take the sheets off is a project… mine don’t do it as much anymore but they used to jump on and play while I was trying to put the sheets back on. So silly!! Gotta love these lil creatures :)

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I know…Krazy Kats! lol

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@anartist Thise are precious pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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Haha…more cat stories…jeez…

My daughter and I were playing with Marley the wildman tonight.

He was diving across my bed and we scooped him up in a throw blanket and were swinging him, hammock style, over the bed. lol

He loved it, all wide eyes and rolling around,.

Oh God, wacky cat games.

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@ETpro thank you :-)
@daytonamisticrip I am really happy to hear that. I was worried about you and your kitty.

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