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Curtain embellishment ideas?

Asked by gemiwing (14708points) June 30th, 2010

I just put up white curtains and now the living room looks washed out. I was thinking of embellishing the curtains but don’t have any real ideas.

I would like them to look classy, homey or subtle. Nothing too outrageous- just a little pop to keep them from blending in to the wall too much. I can DIY almost anything- just no sewing as our little machine couldn’t penetrate the fabric.

We have dark wood furniture, wooden floors, mid-century lines. The colors are light blue, cream and deep wood tones. It’s done in a mildly ‘beachy’ theme right now with mother of pearl candle holders and light blue bird-themed art.

Any ideas or links?

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Some classy tiebacks would add a nice subtle touch. Maybe add some hardware to tie them to the walls if your windows allow. The tiebacks hanging next to the curtains provide a subtle enhancement when the curtains are closed.

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What about iron-on appliques? Here are instructions from the great Martha Stewart.

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Perhaps a valance, or a scarf in a contrasting colour? I once hung crocheted shawls over Roman blinds. It gave my room a very comfy feel.

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Yes, scarves of contrasting colors would be very nice.

You can find sheer panels of long scarves and drape and fluff to your liking.

Another idea is to buy sheers in transparent colors and dye to your own specs.

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Or spray paint in red: ”This ain’t a wall, it’s the frickin’ curtains.” ~

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Oh..and you could find some cool beaded panels too, to drape over the top.

I’m a bead and bamboo kinda girl…also love the string curtains..I hang them in doorways, althoguh the cats get tangled up sometimes. lolol

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@coloma Ditto! Though, I seem to get tangled in them even more so than the cats!

I also like the crocheted shawl idea. but maybe that just because I’ve been crocheting for the past month non stop…

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Great ideas everyone, thank you so much!

I like the crochet idea. I think I might make a simple lace band to go up the inside seam.

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I tend to not use curtains but just valances and shades on my windows. You might find some pretty patterned valances to put up on top of the curtains. J.C. Penny has a really nice selection.

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You can glue on any type of trim you want to buy at the fabric store. Personally, I would buy a large supply of Abalone or Mother of Pearl shell beads and glue them at random over the curtains.

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