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Why eat hamburger?

Asked by josie (28760points) June 30th, 2010

Hamburgers are great, don’t get me wrong. In fact, the president had a burger lunch with Russian pres Medvedev (that in spite of the fact that an expansive Russian spy ring was discovered in the US). But hamburger is nothing more than ground up beef. But why eat beef if it is ground up? Unless, of course, by grinding it up, we are disguising something or concealing something that would make us conclude that we did not want to eat it. So why eat hamburger, instead of a steak or a roast?

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That “expansive Russian spy ring” did not gather, nor was it intended to gather, any classified information. They talked to people at dinner parties. I know, scary. In fact, the only charges being brought against the people is acting as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the proper authorities. Watch the misinformation.

By grinding it up, we mix the lean with the fat, and make it moist and delicious. That’s why we eat hamburger.

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When they’re done cutting up the steaks and roasts, there are plenty of scraps left over. They could throw them away, but why not grind them up? Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Also, hamburger is generally cheaper than the non-ground cuts. This allows people of more humble means to afford to eat beef.

Some cuts, such as chuck, are flavorful but tough. Grinding it makes it somewhat more tender.

Ground meat is versatile. You can make it into many things, from hamburgers to stuffed cabbage to meatloaf.

As long as you buy it from a reputable source, it’s not going to be disgusting stuff they throw in to disguise it. Of course, sometimes it’s nasty, but I buy it from the guy at the Farmer’s Market who raises the cattle himself. I have less fear that he’s going to slip something untoward in the grinder, and it’s cheap, grass-fed, and delicious.

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I’d eat sirloin steak with a bottle of wine every night if I could, but ya know, money.

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Hamburger is easier to chew… :\

I generally don’t like all the big hunks of meat that people eat. I’m not the type to start eating pork ribs or a steak or bite into a chicken thigh. I rather have smaller pieces of meat in other dishes. Hamburger is an easy way to do that.

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Ground beef allows you to enjoy a cut of meat that otherwise would be like chewing on a boot!

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Because I like it!

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I don’t know since I don’t like to eat hamburger myself(It’s tasty but not healthy). I prefer vegetarian sandwich.

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Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but is the term “hamburger” in the US used to refer to minced/ground beef, even if it isn’t going to be used to make anything burger-related? That has always confused me, but made me chuckle at the same time.

I use minced meat (beef, lamb, pork, turkey, sausages squeezed out of their tubes) a lot in my cooking. I don’t cook with low-quality, fatty stuff, because it’s less healthy, the flavour is noticably poorer, and it’s still much cheaper to buy decent quality minced meat than it is to buy steaks or whole cuts of meat. I love it because:

1. It’s cheaper. I can get some really nice lean beef steak mince for a few quid that will be plenty for about six portions of food (three meals for me and my boyfriend).

2. It goes further than steaks/whole pieces. Rather than having such a meat-centric meal, it’s less expensive (and in my view, nicer) to balance it out with things, for example, putting some minced meat in a pasta sauce, along with loads of tasty fresh vegetables.

3. It’s extremely versatile. You can use it in so many recipes and do so many different things with it. Last night I made minced pork meatballs, with fresh red chilli and garlic in them. At the weekend I often make lamb kofte, seasoning with garlic, ground corriander seeds, chilli and a pinch of cumin. The flavours are really wonderful.

4. It’s easy to season. Because it’s all ground up, you can add delicious flavours and really mix them into the meat, or just keep it simple with a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper. With it being minced, the flavour penetrates the meat more easily than if it was just seasoned on the outside.

5. It promotes not being wasteful with meat products. Sure, I don’t want to eat lips and arseholes (or any of that “mechanically recovered” stuff), but at the same time, I don’t see why we should just throw out perfectly good, edible parts of animals because we can’t put them in packages and have them look like neat little whole portions of meat.

6. When you look for good quality cuts of meat, the most flavourful ones tend to be those “marbled” with fat, so when they cook, the fat essentially softens, melts and bastes the meat, keeping it wonderful and moist. As @Seek_Kolinahr says, this is basically what you get with nice quality minced meat, but for a fraction of the price.

7. It’s easy to choose healthy forms of minced meat. You could go for a “classic” burger-friendly minced beef (with an 80:20 meat to fat ratio), or you could get the lean steak stuff, which at less than 10% fat is really not an unhealthy choice at all.

So yes, here are just a few reasons why I like to eat minced meat, as well as, or instead of steaks or roast pieces of meat.

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Because it’s easier to eat ground beef in a burger. Imagine trying to bite through a piece of steak on a burger – if it’s tough you’ll most likely find half your condiments falling out of your burger.

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