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What would happen if you planted a sesame seed?

Asked by beatthelastboss (286points) January 11th, 2010

Those thingys on hamburgers :P

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A sesame would grow.

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Sesame seed from a hamburger bun will not germinate, and nothing will come out of it.

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Get one “Big Mac!”

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If you get it from a baked good or from anything where the seeds have been roasted, the seed won’t germinate (the heat of cooking is too much). You’d have to get a raw sesame seed for it to germinate, but for the life of me, I have no idea what kind of plant sesame is. I could look it up, but I have to get back to cleaning the kitchen. :P

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Sesame(Sesamum indicum) is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum.” from Wikipedia. Yeah, seeds that have been cooked will not grow.

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Be careful, because if you say “Open sesame” when you plant it and are holding your mouth just right, you’ll drop into a vortex from which there is no return.

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I grind flaxseeds for the omega 3’s. I also plant them in the spring in the pots with geraniums. I get long stalks with pretty but small blue flowers.

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big bird will come and sue you.

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can you grow birds from planting bird seed?

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Nothing will happen….

Unless like @Trillian says you mutter some Open Sesame!

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Oh! You all are funny. Thanks for the laugh,I needed it to uplift me. Good night all, till morrow!

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As a child, I used to think that “Those thingys on hamburgers” came from those extremely similar looking thingies on strawberries. Therefore, I think you’ll get strawberries.

[I know this post is old, but I couldn’t resist]

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I have enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing; have a great last days in 2011 and Enjoy the New Year celebrations.

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Little buns grow.

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