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What's the worst video game you've ever played?

Asked by Berserker (33543points) June 30th, 2010

There are a lot of titles in the industry, and God knows there are a hell of lot crappy ones.
While excellent, innovative, artistic and fun games exist, have been praised, played and replayed, championed and have engraved their mark in stone, there are pessimists, such as Seanbaby or James Rolfe who have dedicated much of their time to the worse games of all time. As a like minded pessimist, I wish to explore these horrendous messes.
Bad gameplay, a plague of glitches, franchise milking, (Friends video game, seriously?) outright lame ideas, asinine concepts, or simply, an unfortunate bad turn of programing, idealization and presentation gone wrong…these have made their ways into the history of gaming, and now, you may contribute.
What’s the worst video game that you’ve ever played? Please explain your choice.

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I haven’t played anything since Pong and Pac-man back in the 80s. I didn’t like either one of them. I find games to be a stressor rather than relaxation.

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Pong. When I was a really little kid (maybe 1975?) I played it at some kid from school’s house. Zzzzz.

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Back in the day, one of the best early videogame machines was the Intellivision. Advanced controls, terrific gameplay.
Then Imagic released the worst game that console had ever seen: Truckin.
The idea was you drove a truck, and you drove around picking up and dropping off loads. The gameplay was boring. you watch the road go under you, and wait for the right turn off.
Boring boring boring. Taught me the value of an education, so that you don’t have to be a truck driver, and relive the horror of this game.

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I have played many terrible games. The most recent was when I was at a friends place & they had a Wii game called, Chicken Shoot. Having never heard of it, I popped it in. My god, I lasted 37 seconds before I wanted to choke myself with the Wii nunchuk cord. I could go on for days on how terrible this game is, I wont give it such satisfaction & internet air time recognition (even though it would be negative), I’ll just say this. If you are with friends & someone mentions the name, Chicken Shoot… fake a heart attack or purposely choke on a small snack food. You will be better off.

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@aprilsimnel Check this out.

@filmfann I’d try it just for shits and giggles. Ever played Big Mutha Truckers?

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Journey Escape

for some strange reason I still own this piece of shit

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@kevbo I watched about a minute but WHAT THE HELL??

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okay do you mean in general? Or do you mean for the consoles now or the ones before. since honestly. I haven’t played the worst game EVER but I do know ones that are pretty bad. maybe like the Sonic series now (Sorry to say sega fans) or maybe Sims for ps2. This is all just in my opinion though so. yeah lol XD

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@Vincent_Lloyd There are no boundaries. old, new, whatever you played that sucked. Why does Sonic suck? What about Sims?

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@Symbeline : okay lol just seeing about that. And because most sonic games are really boring or they can be. Like how unleashed had the werehog part. Soooo boring. And with the black knight you had to fight endless enemies. Sims for the PS2 sucked you could never please them you spend countless hours just trying that. The PC ones are alright though. Oh also they say Nier for PS3 was bad, but I think it’s pretty good it has A LOT of flaws though.

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Not much of a fan of Sonic myself, so thanks for the info. Not in no rush to try those you mentioned.

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Haha. I used to play Pong at Nathan’s, I thought it was cool.

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All Arcade(fighting) video games(most of them from Japan). I don’t like the way I must works my hand on the joy stick for less educated/useless games. It’s been a very long time since I left such destructive game. Ah I remember! One of the game named ‘Street Fighter’.

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Alpha Protocol is my latest dead horse. So much potential. Great story but the game itself is unfinished, like they devoted so much time to the story, they forgot they needed a game to go with it.
Worst game I’ve ever played? Hmmmm… well Prey comes to mind, stupid over-hyped piece of… Sorry, that one still riles me up. And we can never forget Daikatana, John Romero’s swan song. Seriously; if you didn’t hear about it, look it up. Those two are pretty much the worst I’ve touched in the last ten years that are memorable, although I’m sure I’ve had more that have turned me into a seething mass of absolute nerd rage. Oh, and Alpha Prime just remember that one, a FPS a friend said I “had to try,” turned out to be one of the second most bug riddled lame shooters I’ve ever played. Right up there with Men of Valor and almost any of the Vietnam themed games they made in the early to mid 2000’s during the WW2 cool down.

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@Doctor_D Haha Street Fighter rocks. (Well some of them anyways.)

@ApolloX64 Lmao Daikatana. I remember that on the N64. I knew it sucked, but it’s funny to see that it’s recognized for it amongst so many others.

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While not being the worst game my thumbs have been tortured with, I do have a grudge against the Sonic titles. First, a little tidbit about me & my gameplay style/approach.

I am a perfectionist. I need to complete 100% of the game for me to be satisfied & to rightfully say, ‘I beat that game’. Just barely scraping by the story mode is not enough. I need to collect every hidden item. I need to speak to every character. I need to unlock all abilities/tools/power-ups/etc. I feel like I owe it to the developers who put the time & effort into creating everything in the game, for me to access it all. So, I think you may see where this is going.

Sonic creates a very difficult environment for the perfectionist in me. I want to collect every ring in every level. I want to take every route there is to travel. I want to open every boxed item. But Sonic is a game that is built for speed, not accuracy. Walking through a Sonic level will result in death before the finish line. Not being able to jump the huge gaps or too slow to break walls. Even if you do manage to collect a few hundred rings, a single touch by the weakest of enemies sends every single fuc*ing ring soaring into the air, although it looks like only 30% of what you have collected is sent flying from your body. You could have collected 500 rings, but if you get touched, after picking up your hard earned rings, you will now have about 47 rings.

This game causes me so much frustration, that I can’t handle playing the game, without having a mild stroke. Nintendo announced at this years E3, a new Sonic title that is apparently ‘wow’-ing everybody. The kid in me wants to play it. The perfectionist gamer in me is screaming bloody murder & praying I get gangrene in my thumbs before the official release date.

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A person after my own heart. I always strive for perfection in games too, which is indeed why I avoid things like Sonic. You must like RPG’s a lot?

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My cousin got the Atari ET game for the 2600. I think he got it free bundled with a bunch of other games. That was TERRIBLE

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They buried all those games in a dump or something haha.

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I have an Atari 2600. I use the ET cartridge as a coaster. That’s all it’s good for.

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I don’t know any REALLY BAD RPGs but I know some that are pretty bad. Maybe Ragnarok, Nier was a bad game (already said that) some others but I can’t think of any…

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@Vincent_Lloyd I know people are going to hate me for this, but I completely detested the following RPG’s; Golden Sun, Legend of Dragoon and LotR the Third Age.

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Oh I thought of another baddie. Masters of Orion 3. I kind of liked MoO2, but 3 was just lousy.

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@Symbeline Complete agreement with you here! Other games I can’t stand are ones that are ported from consoles to PC without being a “good” port. You see references all over to the “X” button, or “RT/LT” and the textures are all blurred because they are too low res for PC hardware and resolutions. Ugh. Like The Last Remnant; good game, but you could tell it was never meant for PC, or a couple lol more like ten years ago when they brought FFVII and FFVIII to PC, talk about disgust. And Halo 1 & 2, don’t even get me started, Bungie started Halo on the MAC of all places and it had more features and was more complete then which was 1999 before it came out on the Xbox.
These are hard to find without a good search, but there is another trailer that came out before the ‘99 expo that was mind blowing. I’m no Mac gamer, but still that would have been a ridiculous victory for them had Microsoft not snapped up Bungie.

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