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Why would someone dump another rabbit in my garden ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) July 1st, 2010

Last month someone dumped a very small very young baby rabbit in my garden , It was alive but very skinny and too young to be away from the mother . I kept it and its doing very well now its grown in size and has put on alot of weight . But last night someone dumped a pure breed Lion Head rabbit in my garden , Must have be about 6 -8 weeks old is very healthy looking and plump .
Why me no1 here knows I used to breed rabbits and other animals , no1 in this area even knows who I really am ( my choice I stay away from everyone )
What would make someone buy or even steal a rabbit to only dump it . I say steal cause I don’t have a clue where any came from .
I get my treatment free from the vet cause the first rabbit was dumped , I was a good client of his anyway with my past animals i.e owls, rabbits, snakes ,lizards, hamsters etc…. but there’s no way they will believe me another rabbit was dumped .
Edit : Both rabbits were in cardboard boxes and the time spaced between one rabbit and another would be three weeks .

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Are you sure a human deliberately put the rabbits in your garden?
Rabbits can move all by themselves after all…

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Sounds like if I were a rabbit I’d head for your place…

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Rabbit in a cardboard box with woodchippings and alfalfa hay only happen by human .
Plenty experience with animals to know a deliberately placed animal and a lost travelling animal .

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@sandystrachan You sort of left that information out of your story; easy for someone to think that the rabbits ended up there all by themselves reading through the question.

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@mrentropy Ah yes so I did
@Fyrius Yea I should have added that they were in a box sorry , its hectic at the moment with the kids running around wanting to cuddle the rabbit .

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My guess is that people know more about you then you think. Many people get pets for their kids and find out they can’t handle them. Or maybe, these days, they can’t afford it. Feeling guilty, they don’t want to let them die, so they dump them with you in hopes you will take care of them.

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Rabbit Dumper heard Rabbit Dumper B complaining about the rabbit, and told him about your place. Or Person at Vet C overheard someone telling someone else about you taking in Rabbit A, and thought, “Ah, ha, now I know where to leave Rabbit B.

I think your Vet will believe you.

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An activist opposed to lawn mowers?

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Okay, I understand, no worries.

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I do hope you solve this mystery and let us know what happened! Interesting situation.
I think it may be a young person. Perhaps someone you talked openly and offhandedly to.

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You know, that’s a really good question but I gotta say, I’m glad they were dumped at the home of someone wonderful enough to take such good care of the little guys!

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Yeah, obviously word has gotten around that you’ll help animals. Call the vet and and ask him/her about animal sanctuaries in your area. You can’t be the go-to person every time someone wants to abandon a baby animal.

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Hey everyone! Let’s all dump our bunnies at Sandy’s house!
While we’re at it – squirrels and chipmunks too.

I’m guessing you are not as anonymous as you think you are. Start spreading the rumor that you ate the last two rabbits and found the young one to be particularly delicious.
Problem solved.

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I have a friend who cares for feral cats in his little neighborhood and he knows which cats have kittens and such. At least once a year, sometimes more, someone will drop a well-fed, clean, pet cat in his neighborhood.

I guess people catch-on that the animal will be cared for or at least won’t starve or be euthanized.

So why? Because people are assholes. Look how we treat other people. What do we expect when it comes to animals.

Kudos to you for caring for the bunnies.

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@worriedguy Cool I have always wanted a chipmunk…...
Thing is no-one knows I kept the last one I made a hutch for it , in doors so no-one could see and it’s now stored in an out building . Again that no-one can see , I have never spoke to anyone about anything other than to say hi in the passing .
All my other animals were when I stayed in a different house / different town , oh well looks like another hutch will have to be made and another trip to the vets is called for….

Rabbits are tasty but i stopped eating them a few years back….....

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It’s the bunny fairy

Of course, I have no idea why anyone does anything that they do.

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A kind sould worrying about you because you look so skinny?

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Maybe it is too late…... leave the cardboard box in the yard with a brick inside as if you never touched it. Setup a camera. Would they let the poor rabbit die inside the box if you failed to notice it?

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maybe and old flame is trying to be sneaky-nice? but why the 3 week delay? is your birthday coming up? did the bunnies arrive on an anniversary of any sort that you can imagine? (doesn’t have to be a romance related one)

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I have plenty of chipmunks for you…I used to love them, til the superhighway in my yard.

It’s like the 12 days of bunnies…...a lion head in a bunny box.

Very strange…..maybe it’s family… aunt or sister. nephew johnnie….

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@sandystrachan who do you know who would know that you would know that it was it was a purebread lionhead bunny?

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I’m thinking the reason is, “this is a cute young couple with three adorable children; they’ll take good care of this bunny and not cook it.”

Can you donate it to a daycare center or school as a class pet?

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OK update on the Lionhead rabbit : It was stolen from a petshop , the petshop it came from the guy was reported to the animal cruelty about his animal living quarters . I say stolen but he could have been dumping them due to a tip off about said animal cruelty officers coming to visit , he didn’t know it was a purebreed he thought they were all crossed .
So I called the animal cruelty to come and take it to someone who had more space and time , luckily for the bunny wabbit the officer knew someone close by who would take it in right away .

I would have loved to have kept it , lack of space was what made me call them . There wouldn’t be enough room for two hutches ..

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