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What were the biggest surprises when you browsed through the Photobucket Fluther Group?

Asked by mattbrowne (31724points) July 1st, 2010

Recently I browsed through all the 210 pictures available at

Wonderful and highly interesting experience. Here are the surprises I encountered a few times:

1) Always thought Fluther name X was a woman, but he’s actually a man
2) Always thought Fluther name Y was a man, but she’s actually a woman
3) Always thought Fluther name Z was somewhat older, but he or she is actually much younger
4) Some of the pets on the photos

Your surprises?

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I was surprised that some jellies put of photos of their kids. Not sure I’d be comfortable with that personally – even though there’s a tiny little picture of the Boopachetta and Ducky behind me.

Other than that, I was happy to see that my fellow jellies are not only an intelligent bunch, but damn good looking.

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I didn’t recognise most of the names.

But I think I have fallen in love with Seek_Kolinahr <3

:-D And I just added my own in there too (that’ll lower the average attractiveness of the group).

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How hot the ladies of the group are. ;-)

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How young everyone is.

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How young many are, and how very good looking most of the women are. The guys too, but the gals are very attractive or else they are using models pic as their own.
just kidding

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The biggest surprise was seeing a different picture of you, @mattbrowne.

I thought you were only photographed once in your life.

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@mattbrowne Why the surprise at some of the pets on the photo’s?

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This one cracked me up.

@downtide & @mattbrowne Nice pics! Glad you added them. :)

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@boots – I know. I’m kind of lazy asking others. In our family I’m the camera man ;-)

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@chyna – Well, there was a tiger, a horse and a lot of dogs, and some folks I’d rather pictured as cat men and women ;-)

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just added mine (I know I need to shave and clean my Faraday cage)

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@johnpowell I love the lone Budweiser bottle. lol

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@johnpowell Nice! Aaaand, it’s about time. ;)

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