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Why is Windows Movie maker crashing on me?

Asked by metadog (378points) July 1st, 2010

Hi! I anve a video file that I want to drop in Windows Movie Maker and manipulate. It is a 40 minute video (I have it as an MPG and AVI. As soon as I load the thing in, WMM crashes. In the Event Viewer, I get this reason: “Faulting application moviemk.exe, version 2.1.4027.0, faulting module, version, fault address 0×000088f2.”

I am on a DELLL XPS M1710 laptop with 4 GB of RAM running XP with Service Pack 2. Any idea what is going on? Thanks!

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Ack! i have the same computer – same problem. I fiddled with it forever, asked everyone, everywhere, every chance I got.
Eventually I gave up.
Can still use the program with other shorter vids, it’s only when you load the big video, right?
I kept trying with a 35 min clip from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Any video that is shorter than 10 minutes or so works fine for me.

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Here is a strange thing. I was working with an MPG and was getting the crash every time. Then, as a last resort, I tried the same file as an AVI and it worked! It was funny how it imported the video… many pieces. But no crash. I don’t get it.

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For some reason. I feel like windows movie maker always does that with bigger files that you want to use in general. & like @metadog said you could possibly change the format of the video file to just an AVI file and see what happens.
This is one of the reasons why I’m not a big WMM fan.

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