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Assume we live in Sims World,what traits that represent the real you?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 2nd, 2010

There are many traits but you’re only allowed to choose 5,and please pick the ones that really represent yourself(be honest please!).

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It’s so badly I can pick only 5 because I would need one more to completely describe myself

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Social, kind, a lover, a neat freak, and I have great personal hygiene.

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Fun loving, creative, generous, hungry and keeper of the gate.

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open minded, maximum chiller, positive, loyal, and a little weird …ok maybe a lot weird…

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Bookworm, artistic, family-oriented, genius, friendly

I need another two too.

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Optimistic, humorous, intelligent, kind, of high integrity.

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I took my traits from this list.

Good Sense of Humor

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Humorous, loner, pessimistic, dreamy, inquisitive

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Childish, bookworm, loner, slob, absent-minded

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Do you get many dates? lololol ;-)

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@coloma—haha! I actually managed to get married—my scary thing is I’m pregnant—I have nightmares of digging my daughter out of giant piles of books and paper in the near future.

I actually made a sim with these personality traits. It was quite fun to play except for the absent minded trait didn’t seem to do much except make my sims say “DERRR” all the time.

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Well…you must have lots of ‘positives’ too then.haha

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Except for slob and absent minded, I think those traits ARE positive! Being a childish bookworm is an asset in my line of work. And the loner part is good too because I can always entertain myself.

Also, Loner and childish are good traits in sims. Childish sims make friends easily and can get fun from playing with toys and loner sims never have to socialize, while other sims start complaining and crying if they don’t see people very often.

But we all have more than five traits thank goodness.

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Of course, I should have articulated better..yes…well, I am a hedonist at heart, self discipline doesn’t come easy, but as you said, all in all the balance of traits works themselves out.

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@All,thank you for sharing your personalities!

And these are my traits:

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