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Does you nick name and avatar mean something for you?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) January 27th, 2010

I know it’s not really necessary,but do you think your ‘nick name’ and ‘avatar’ are special for you?,does it mean something for you?. Did you change them occasionally?,and what’s your consideration when you pick them?.

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one day while trying to think of a user name for some account I was looking up at the wall and saw a map of yellowstone park. My avatar is just something I like

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My nick name is just the name of a D&D character I played a long time ago. My avatar is a detail from the Temperance card of a tarot deck. I liked it because the Angel seems to be concentrating very hard on pouring the wine and I am finding Temperance very hard to acquire.

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My pic just shows the top of my head while I am sitting down and having a drink. It means nothing really. I have a bird avatar that I like very much. It is from a photo I took a while ago.

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My avatar fits with my name. The name is from an inside joke and a funny occurrence right around the time I signed up.

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I’m a Heinlein Fan. The Jubal Harshaw character from that book is my favorite of all his characters. The avatar is the recticle pattern from my Zeiss 6–24 X 72 scope on my Barrett M82A1 rifle (I shoot 1000 yard matches).

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My avatar is me and my name is my nickname.I used to be Mrs Anonymous on AB…somehow that doesn’t work so well now.I change my avatar once in awhile.

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i am a sexy monkey in a scarf.

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to keep anonymouse and away from my ego identity from putting too much personality in my answers.

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Kolinahr is (in the Star Trek universe) the attainment of perfect logic.

I am a recent deconvert from Christianity. I use “Seek Kolinahr” as a sort of mantra in re-learning how the world operates.

My avatar is me, in Vulcan costume, from a few years ago.

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The name was on the page of the book I was reading at the time I joined (Matter by Iain M Banks – if you like sci-fi it’s worth a look). The picture was chosen to match the name.

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My avatar might be me… or maybe not????
The name isn’t mine except in a cartoon world of friendly neighbors.

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I’ve typed up a few times what my name means (and I don’t feel like typing it up now), but, as far as my avatar, yes, it’s means something to me. As I said in my profile:

**My avatar – a painting down by Virginia Estrada. Nikki’s (my girlfriend’s) co-worker’s sister painted this. Years after she passed away, Virginia’s family learned that she was a lesbian. She certainly did capture the beauty of a woman here.

I appreciate/love art and this is a beautiful painting. Nikki’s co-worker, Dolares is a wonderful lady, has been so good to me and means a lot to me. She told me many stories about her sister. She gave me a copy of the painting (she has the original of course), and I love it.

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Long ago on (another website) I had a different username (just my first name and first letter of last name)...then I met my now husband…his original user name was his name and last name…then he got mad at cookies I ate because he wanted me to eat him and so he renamed himself ‘goddamn cookie’...this is all backstory but I think it’s funny…eventually when we realized we both loved philosophy we wanted to be cheesy and so we switched our names to JeanPaulSartre and SimoneDeBeavoir because they were a famous couple and we like some of their work…well anywho, died and I came to Fluther and so did my husband…but it didn’t stick to him and he comes around very rarely here.

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My avatar used to be (at some sites still is) a yellow 68 Camaro off roading in a Sacramento Desert because of my love of cruising in old muscle cars. My avatar is now just me with the same name.

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Mine is just a variation of my initials and my avatar is just me I have always loved this picture so there you go…I know I’m boring.

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Ah yes. However, I leave it for you to parse out. It’s metaphorical and symbolic communication, but it isn’t always easy to understand. Did I mention I like the trickster gods?

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@sjmc1989 Your boring avatar is stunning! You’re not so boring either :=]

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My nickname on here is the title of a HILARIOUS… and kind of stupid song haha :D
My avatar for the moment is my favorite picture of my boyfriend and I! Don’t worry @sjmc1989, I’m boring too :P

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just take a guess! ....LOL

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@OneMoreMinute Lemme guess….. an egg timer?

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I had the Avatar from a web site I had to put together for a class. Curse you DreamWeaver! The name was a spur of the moment because I couldn’t use what I originally had in mind. It’s from a book.

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I pick a username and stick with it for a year or maybe more. My first was Randylicious xD But then i changed it to xDaisuke because I got into this Manga called DNAngel and it was a character’s name in there. Now it’s just my name and RAWR cuz i love that word. :]

My pic, is of me and a friend. It almost always is of me.

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Harout was the name of a Russian friend of mine. Pronounced Haroot. He passed away, so I took on the name in his memory and put a twist on it. Though I don’t know if it actually means anything, the meaning me and Harout put behind his name was, “A mischievous bastard.” Something that well describes both of us.

The avatar is because I’m always told I’d probably be the one to try to take over the world.

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My Avatar is my favorite lap cat Cuddles. We spend a lot of time together snoozing in the man chair. He also keeps watch over the house by night keeping the moose out.
My Name comes from my former career. I retired just prior to sitting boards for LTC. Alas, it was a medical retirement and I only had 17 years.

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I like sevens and whatever image strikes my fancy.
I don’t want to post my picture because it isn’t fair to the other men..

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My nick name is my earned title and my first name.

The octopus is a mollusk. It belongs to the same group as chitons, abalone, snails, limpets, scallops, oysters, clams and mussels. The octopus also belongs to a sub-species of mollusks called the cephalopods. This means head to foot and is used as the name because an octopus’ “feet” are attached to its head.
The octopus has an excellent eyesight and well-developed brain. It can instantly change the colour and texture of its skin to match the surrounding area.
Highly intelligent creatures, giant Pacific octopuses have learned to open jars, mimic other octopuses, and solve mazes in lab tests.

They are way smarter than the average clam!

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..And chewy but tasty

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My nickname and avatar are a reflection of my love for the ocean.

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My husband’s name is part of my nick name. That’s special to me.

I change my avatar quite a bit. The only thing special to me about the avatars that I pick is that it matches my husband’s in some way. We take turns picking what ‘couple’ our avatars will be.

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Well I love chocolate. Chocolate reigns. And my avatar is a sunset I saw a few months ago. I actually got that picture standing in my yard. It was amazing.

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Corny story… When I was a kid (12 or so) I saw the anime movie Akira. There’s a sequence where a scientist says in disbelief “It’s like a cosmic rebirth…” and thought that sounded awesome. I was a kid so I added that prefix and used k’s because I thought that was cool at the time.

The avatar I came across while looking for pictures of jellyfish…

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@ChocolateReigns That is a beautiful picture!

kidkosmik's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I laughed the 1st time I saw your avatar. I thought “Is that Jeff in “The Fly”?

ChocolateReigns's avatar

@jonsblond thanks :) It’s a little blurry, but it gives an interesting effect.

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When I was ten I wanted to come up with a Star Warzy type of name. So I sounded out letters one by one until I found a letter I liked the sound of. I ended up with Leot. Then I joined on the first three letters of my own real name onto the end of it.

Unfortunately everyone just thinks I’m someone called Leo, or Leo T. Col. Oh well, I like it and so it popped into my head when I signed up here. I went with it.

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Yes I grew up with huskies and I love dogs, but don’t have any currently but I have two kitty cats. My avatar I found while making a presentation and since I’m addicted to books, I just had to use it.

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I’m in the military and I love my country and I love serving it. My avatar is a Bald Eagle which is the national bird and symbol of the United States so that is why I chose it. My screen name is broken down into blue being my favorite color and freedom which is something that has vital importance in America because we have so many freedoms afforded to us through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Another reason I chose my avatar picture was because when you look at it in large form, it is a Bald Eagle with a tear in its eye with the World Trade Center buildings burning in the background (in the corner) on the day of the attacks on 9–11. This was a very powerful and poignant image to me and something that hit home very hard knowing that our country would never be the same after that day and how much of an impact that event caused with such far reaching consequences.

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@wundayatta lol
it’s Dragonspeak. It means WAIT a little bit longer in English! It’s off an ancient cave writing where magickal vortex doorways once were.
It’s a powerful magick word. Used at certain times of the year.
It only LOOKS like One More Minute, but it’s not pronounced the same.
Kind of like your name, it’s not pronounced like you’d think.
You can only see the word with dragon eyes. And it sort of just POPS when you finally get it!

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People have called me philosopher since college.

hungryhungryhortence's avatar

Not at all. I had a dream one night about the children’s game called “Hungry Hungry Hippo” but in my dream it was Hungry Hungry Hortence so I thought that was odd and funny and kind of right for my new fluther acct. name. The avatar which I lurve was created as a spoof by @amoebic for April Fool’s Day 2009 and I asked her if I could start using it.

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Perfectly Charming Records is my very tiny record label. The avatar is a qr code with info on the company. It means a lot to me.

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My avatar has a special meaning, but i can’t say what it is.

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Yes. My avatar is one of my cats, whose name is either “Buddy” or “Duster” or “Buddy B. Budman, Attorney at Paw” or “Buddy Lee Catwell,” depending on what I feel like calling him. The vet thinks his real name is Duster. The nickname does mean something, but I prefer anonymity, so I won’t say what that is.

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Well my name is what I use on nearly ever site I am on. Trance is the nick name my best friend gave be a while back, and the 24 stands for April 24th, 2006 the day I started dating my boyfriend. My avatar at the moment is me, but usually when I pick an avatar it has something to do with what I have been thinking about lately. For example I was going with old cartoons for a while, and then a strange animal from playing the animal game on Fluther. So yea there is a method to the madness I suppose.

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Eve Arden’s character of the teacher Miss Brooks was sharp, witty and independent-all things I aspire to be. I never will be that classy a dresser.

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Maybe some day I’ll get brave enough to put up my ugly mug as an avatar, but then there might be pandemic projectile vomiting.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Oh you can be certain of that. However, should I put my image up there, mass suicide would be the result.

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“Nullo” was my name on Airow (may she rest in peace). It was originally created as a throwaway name, taking what I thought at the time to be the Italian word for ‘void’ (stupid gendered nouns…). I started using it as my main persona, and then started using it everywhere else, too.

The picture came from the same site. The setup permitted us to share and store photos, and one of the other users was going around passing out pictures that he thought suited our names. The one that he found for me was that of Francesco Nullo, one of Garibaldi’s Expedition of the Thousand, who fought against the Austrians in Northern Italy during the unification campaign.

I figured that this was much cooler than having accidentally named myself after that other Nullo

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I’m a lazy bastard
I have a somewhat leisurely manner.

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I love to cook and take photographs. I photographed this beautiful squash at the county fair this year and it just seemed like the perfect Avatar for me. I probably would have used a photo of a cardomom pod, but I saw this first and it just clicked.

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My nickname = two songs I love. “Disenchanted” by My Chemical Romance, and “Poison Girl” by H.I.M.

My avatar = Gerard Way

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