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How long before a midsummer 40th birthday party should I send invitations?

Asked by tranquilsea (17758points) July 2nd, 2010

My hubby is turning 40 this summer and we are having a party for him. We are inviting friends and co-workers. As it is summer I would like to get the invitations out sooner rather than later but I can’t decide how soon would be too soon. I am concerned that people will make plans that will take them out of the city…something that summer babies know happens frequently.

What do you think would be a reasonable time to send them out? Two weeks before? Three?

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I’d go with at least a 4 week margin..more if you can.

I threw a huge bash last summer, just because and had my invitations out about 6 weeks in advance for optimum attendance odds. lol
I’d also offer overnight accomodations if you have the space..even camping in the backyard for those that might go over the top with their drinking.

I have property and actually set up a camping field and porta potty for my guests. haha

Have fun!

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I’m just at the 5 week margin right now. I actually woke myself up last night in a panic over getting this done.

Thanks for your answer! I’m hoping that this will be a lot of fun.

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Do an E-vite…much simpler than sending invitations or making a boatload of phone calls.

It’ll be fine…whats the worst that can happen…you only have 5 guests..oh’s still a party! ;-)

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@Coloma I’ve thought about doing an e-vite but I’m partial to actual invitations.

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I too hosted a special birthday party for my SO last year.
I actually sent the invitations out six weeks before the due date. (Because I had lots of time I made my own invitations which made them more personal).
It can take people perhaps two weeks to reply, so you would need to be planning your menu at this point.
So my answer to you would be to send them out as soon as you are able.
Have a wonderful time.

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Yes,I like ‘old fashioned’ invites too.

What I did was do an E-vite for times sake and then I sent out flyers with a cool logo naming the party, a reminder of the date, & RSVP and showcased the entertainment venue. ( I had live music)

The best of both worlds! ;-)

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@partyparty Thanks for the info. My menu will be very easy to adjust. I’m used to cooking for up to 25 people anyway, so this won’t be too different.

I would love to put together my own invitations but I just don’t have the time.

@Coloma That is a good idea! Then the invitees will get a reminder before the party.

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@tranquilsea I bought some silver and gold card, lots of glitter, crystals etc, appropriate age badges and glued them onto the card.
I then made an insert which I typed out and glued to the inside of the invitations. For each invitation I typed I just added a different name(s)
It only took a morning, and they looked really stunning.
(Don’t know if my guests were impressed, but only two people didn’t attend)

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I would go with a month to five weeks before and either give “important’ people a verbal heads-up or send out an e-mail “save the date” to all.

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I’ve been giving the people I see frequently the heads up. His co-workers are the ones I’m in a hurry to get these out to.

@partyparty If I send out the e-vites then I may be able to eek out time to put them together.

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If it’s midsummer, I would send them out right now.

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Do an e-mail “Save the Date” e-vite, and follow up with a mailed invitation two weeks before.

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Well, I’ve sent the e-vite out today (thank you everyone for suggesting it) and I’ll following it up with real invitations.

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Now you’ll sleep well tonight, well…only if you don’t obsess on a good turnout…hahaha

Forget about it now…cheers!

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@Coloma thanks :-)

Knowing me the way I do therapy has been good for one thing lol I’ll start lists of things to do between now and his birthday and replay them in the middle of the night.

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I would have sent out invites at least a couple of months ahead.

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