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What kind of birthday party can I do?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) February 12th, 2011

My birthday is in two weeks, I’m turning 19.
I wanted to throw a Toga party at my house but I’m Chinese and you know how strict Chinese parents are, my mom won’t let me throw a party in the house(I never had a birthday party ever) because she means people would destroy the house and dirty it up etc.

The usual birthday parties that would be thrown were I live are
– Movie/game night.
– Beach party.
– Pool party.
– Bowling.
– Or just go clubbing.

Yeah lame.
So I was wondering, is there something else that I can do as a birthday party or “party”(outing) that doesn’t involve having to throw it in the house?

Thanks beforehand.

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Sounds like you want to let loose and have a wild toga time…reality is you have the rest of your life to get crazy and tear it up. I would suggest that you do something that will best honor your life to this point that you can look back on and say I am glad I did that while I still was a youngin’.

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Mini-Toga bowling?

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where do you live? Is there anywhere bad ass around you that youve always wanted to go to?

honestly id rather go somewhere really cool with friends to celebrate over having a party at a house any day.

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I’m with @aprilsimnel. Toga Bowling sounds like a night to remember.

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“Mini” so no one trips down the lane, of course. ;)

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Are you somewhere you can be outside this time of year? Any place you could have campfire/picnic/dance party, bringing some kind of boom box or iPod speaker set-up?

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@Cruiser Yeah I guess you’re right.
@aprilsimnel Haha that seems unique and fun.
@uberbatman I live in Aruba(in the caribbean). Not that I know of, we are mostly known for the beach and sun so I guess there’s nothing bad ass around.
@zenvelo Yes, I am. Where I live it’s 90% sunny throughout the year. Maybe I’ll consider some of your ideas, thanks.

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Are you fucking kidding me? I envy you living there… Go snorkel/scuba on a reef. Id kill for a chance to do that :P

Its freakin beautiful

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Well, hey hey hey fellow Pisces…

Let your friends decide… they can blindfold you, and take you to the place of their planning. As long as it isn’t your parents’ place.

\.../ Rawk on! \.../

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Beach party at/after sunset sounds good to me. Can you have a campfire on the beach?

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Have a masquerade party on the beach. You and your friends can buy or make beautiful masks and hats and look all mysterious and pretty.

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Set off wish lanterns on the beach.

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@BarnacleBill ohhh great idea, then when the candle goes out they can fall in the ocean and some poor marine organism can mistake it for food, ingest it and then die.

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The whole thing goes up in flames, causing UFO sighting reports for miles.

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So how is the candle held in place?

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Oh… our University did near Winter Solstice. It’s just made of material that breaks down quickly, a bit of wood and some paper. They released them off the roof of the main building and they were red and it looked absolutely stunning. Because of the local air traffic, they had to alert the local airport so they freak out any incoming planes. They floated really really high and the wind took them out over the fjord.

Here’s a video….

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