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Can you think of something you enjoy... because you're so darn good at it?

Asked by nikipedia (27692points) July 2nd, 2010

Followup to Vuhnessah’s Q. Go!

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I enjoy teaching others, leading others, helping others, creating programming and events, choreographing and directing, dancing Argentine Tango, having sex, practicing yoga, being a mom (thanks, @ucme).

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Being Dad to my kids, yay!!!

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I like to play Trivial Pursuit and watch general knowledge quizzes.
Because i rule sometimes.~

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Photography and swimming.

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Guitar, Stumbling (StumbleUpon), drinking, laughing.

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@jfos LOL, who knew SU was a skill – ‘cause then I’m kickass at it, since it has eaten my soul and any hope of sleep long ago.

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I love making movies. And writing sketches.

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Being a bitch is pretty fun.

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I kind of like making goofy jokes because I have a pretty good sense of humor and usually make people laugh.

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Yoga, cooking, genealogy, swimming, mothering, grand mothering, editing, Scrabble, gardening, teaching, drawing, being supportive

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Mexicali (dice game)

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I also sing every day. I’m quite good at it.

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Making people laugh.
Being vulgar.
Being a bitchy bitch.
and bitching about people bitching.

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Telling tall tales.

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I am one hell of a good cook.
I’m a good eater, too.
I kick ass at board games (anything from Trivial Pursuit to Jenga to Dungeons and Dragons)
Reviewing, editing, and critiquing other people’s writing.

…..dancing? I only dance when I’m alone, but I think I’m good. So there.

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I built an engine in my garage. :D And it works! I have also undertaken a massive reconstruction project in said garage that has lasted the four years so far of constant money throwing, swearing, grumbling and flesh wounds. And that’s how I relax! :S

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Linguistics, mountain biking, gardening, writing, geography, etc. Those are my some of my key interests. :)

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Essay-writing, I doubt I’d be so happy writing them if the words didn’t come so easily. But they do, and usually the grades make me feel good too.

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Riding horses.

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Writing, when I know what I’m talking about, have a strong opinion, or can pull off a plausible imitation.

Editing, especially editing a beautifully written document, which allows me to engage my finest and most delicate precision instruments, seldom used.

Baking cookies. Making salads.

Wrapping presents. Putting up Christmas decorations.

Keeping other people’s secrets.

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I love cooking! I love trying new recipes and hoping they come out looking like the pictures.

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@Jeruba – you, and your writing, are outstanding! Your posts often read more like poetry.

“Wrapping presents.” ?

That’s just… beautiful.

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Playing guitar is what I’m probably best at. I’m no Jimi, but I’m confident in my abilities.

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Making art, I suppose, though I go back and forth on whether or not I’m really any good at it.

And blowjobs. About that I have no doubt. ;)

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