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U S jellies, why would they want you? What can you offer? (see details)

Asked by canidmajor (16320points) September 6th, 2016

“If (insert name of hated candidate here) wins this election, I’m moving to Canada! Wales! Australia! New Zealand! Scotland! (and so on and so on).”
This is an oft heard cry from so many.
So, all of you that are ready to emigrate, what can you offer your alternate country-of-choice that would make you a desirable resident there?

I’m putting this in General because I really am interested in the answers to this. Some of my Canadian friends(and an Australian) have expressed annoyance that Americans think everybody would want them, just because they’re American.

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They wouldn’t want us. Sure, a few might be nice, but no one wants the influx of American idiots. Oh, maybe a few countries would, but those aren’t necessarily places that people would want to go.

The problem is that once there, the Americans would start trying to change the host country, whatever it is, to the US values, rather than adapt. Sort of like Moslems in Europe.

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Doesn’t actually answer my Q, @elbanditoroso.

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I’ve already had the experience of being rejected by a country. I wanted to move to England to live with my fiance and had gotten a job as management trainee for a chain of booksellers. The employer had applied for a work visa for me but it was rejected because i didn’t bring any skills that a British person might not also have. After we married, I could live and work there and did for a time.

As for currently, it’s hard to see what they would want with me unless i could get into France as a grand-mere at some point. I would inevitably become a drain on their universal health care system.

I think I have to stay here and hope we aren’t faced with Armageddon.

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I have no qualifications on paper.

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I agree with your Canadian friend…who would want anyone who is leaving their country just because of Trump or Clinton being President. What could be a more puerile/childish reason for doing that and would IMO would reflect accordingly on this person running away from their country. I would expect these countries would deny them entry and tell them go back home put on your big boy/girl pants and deal with it.

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@Seek: “On paper” begs the question… Do you have any assets/skills/desirable traits that would make you an acceptable ex-pat living in someone else’s country? As I recall (correct me if I’m wrong) you have (here on Fluther) expressed a desire to emigrate.

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@Cruiser: Like I said to @elbanditoroso, that doesn’t actually answer the Q, just criticizes what others might want to do.

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I have no assets.

Most of my skills are creative in nature. Maybe Norway would find it interesting that I enjoy the study of Viking-era archaeology, anthropology, and humanities. But since I don’t have a degree, probably not.

“Desirable traits” is not specific enough for me to answer. I don’t know what a civilised country would consider “desirable”. I know I don’t specifically have any “undesirable” traits, like a criminal record.

I’m just a person who was born into a country that isn’t delivering on the promises it rammed into my skull through 12 years of public school brainwashing.

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@canidmajor I would have to move my company with me if I blew town and any country would welcome with open arms a successful manufacturing company especially when they saw how much I pay in taxes.

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@Cruiser: Thanks, yeah that’s what I meant.

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On the upside, my husband is a musician, and is skilled in a dying specialty construction field, which is enough to get our family into Canada, provided we magically come up with enough money to declare.

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In my case, it wouldn’t be a matter of them wanting me once I get a copy of my birth certificate [Toronto, Ontario; 22 December, 1946 @ Joanie Mitchell General Hospital ;-)].

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I’m older now so I would be looking for a retirement country and could offer to volunteer in many areas of community need.
My true skills lie in interior design, maybe some of the countries in question would have a need for a designer to vamp up their state buildings. haha
I’m already living with the regret of not buying a home I wanted in Costa Rica back in 2006 before the economy flat lined me. Biggest regret of my life. I could be happily retired right now living on 2 acres of mango, banana & avocado trees with Howler Monkeys and Parrots outside my door with a fresh water stream/pond and only 2 miles to the beach in a great ex -pat community.

Bah Humbug.

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Not much at this current time. I think most countries require more than a BS, so if they’re willing to give me some leeway while I finish my next-level education…

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As a nurse, with advanced certs in cardio-pulmonary research and strong foreign work connections, there was a time when I could have emigrated to many different countries, but now at 63, not so much. The easiest would have been anywhere in Scandinavia, specifically the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm as I’m still not too bad with the language and I worked on studies with some of their doctors Stateside.

If the Penguin could get into France, however, I think I might be able to swing a pretty interesting, charming and grand-père of quiet, subtle humour—a bit on the idiosyncratic side, of course. But Penguin is a reasonable person. We could work out the details later.

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Oo la la!

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Nobody out works me. I take pride in every aspect of what I’m paid to do. I’ve cleaned a lot of toilets in my life. Each one looked as good as possible when done. I’ve since moved up in life,but I still take pride in what I do, where I work.
I am loyal. I’m much stronger than most people. I can think on the fly,and adapt to any situation. I am an expert in reading people. I am self motivated to be considered the best employee anywhere I work.
And because of my height, I can reach really high things without a ladder. I know CPR.

Most importantly, I can go to the restroom, all by myself ; )

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@MrGrimm888: All good qualities, to be sure, but do have specific skills that another country would want?

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There was already a small wave of Americans who came to Europe during W’s years. Most of them brilliant, nice, funny, techies and arty types. We can use them, and they love old Europe, the culture and the security.

So if Trump gets elected, send us all the liberals you can spare. However, if Clinton gets elected, you can keep your hordes of raging teabaggers. Maybe Australia will take them.

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^I’m not leaving, so it doesn’t matter.

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^ We aren’t taking you anyway… ;-)

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@olivier5 I recall reading something similar about Canada; that there was an influx of immigrants and it proved beneficial to their economy. Just food for thought for whoever is interested—Not enough time for me to search and source this.

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I have things like an FFL (federal firearms license ) , and other certificates of training and such that I think would only be applicable here in the US. That’s why I listed realistic things about me. I would be trying to get my foot in the door somewhere.
But I have too much family to abandon them to ‘Trump’s America. ’

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