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If you were an outlaw in the wild west, what would be a suitable nickname for you &/or your gang?

Asked by ucme (50047points) July 2nd, 2010

Something appropriate for your personality with a hint of charisma & maybe a dash of menace.One which reflects your methods of outlawnessness (wow what a word) Humour is of course encoura…..oh you know by now!!

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The Dredd-ful Miscreants

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The Spatulas.

dun, Dun, DUN

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Rocket’s Rebel’s.

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<——— Look here, old chap, I’m a wizard. “Gang”? Miss Simnel will do.

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Pengy and the Icehouse Gang

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Milo and the MIlogangers.

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Or Cat Ballou?

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Mama G’s
proudly presents
limited engagement
for Your Enjoyment
and the taking of your monies

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I don’t know, but interestingly I’m reminded of my favorite all time hilarious band name:

Slightly Stupid

Maybe “The Bards of Babble”, although I don’t think that would scare any gunslingers away.

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Nanook and the Naughty Eskimos.

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Zen and the art of stage coach maintenance.

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Not zenele?

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I’d be Dancing Mad haha, one of those Cancan dancers with funky stockings and I’d be hiding those mini revolvers in my cleavage, and raising hell in saloons and all.
I’d have my troop of dancers with me, being all hawt and creating chaos just for the hell of it, and prostituting ourselves and getting drunk and dancing around and stuff.

Yeah I got nothin.

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Dances With Wookies.

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Ginger Snaps

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Storm and her Brazen Bunch

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The Goldrush Kid and the Claim Jumpers

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Saucy and the Ruthless Rogues

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Blind Lewie and the Banjo Boys.

Actually that sounds more like the name of a blues band…

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The Wild Cats. Hehehe! That’s probably not very unique, but ya. What else can you expect from a cat lady??

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